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Study Abroad in China, learn Chinese through music

By 2016-05-25 GAC

When you study Chinese in China, as a foreigner, apart from sitting in a classroom, how do you learn Chinese? Mix up your intensive Mandarin lessons for something fun like learning Chinese through modern pop music.


Learn the lyrics and sing along to the following Chinese songs for a revamp of your learning routine!


Little Apple (xiao pingguo)

This is a top recommendation for any foreigner looking to learn basic Mandarin Chinese quickly and in a completely different way. The chorus in this song is really easy to pick up, not to mention very addictive; you will be singing in no time!


Sweet Honey (tian mi mi)

The lyrics in this are actually very simple, again the chorus is really straightforward, it is a ballad written in the late 1970’s but surprisingly the Chinese language used is still very current. It may be cheesy once you get the hang of it but you will be impressed in no time.



Friends (pengyou)

This song has a beautiful message with a powerful chorus that will have you swaying and waving your arms in the air. Again once you study the lyrics, your Chinese fluency will shoot right to the top and you will be singing along with your Chinese friends at your next karaoke session.


Noodles (fang bian mian)

Don’t get put off by the title of the song because the actual song has a rather nice message. Basically it is one big form of declaration of love with interesting comparisons that are especially unique to Chinese people and culture. Study the lyrics, their simplicity allows you to master them in no time I promise you.



Mr approximate (cha bu duo xiansheng)

This is a highly unusual one for this list, but it is a Chinese rap song with one prominent line (cha bu duo) repeated only a hundred times.!  Truthfully it is hard to follow but at the end of the song, you will take away “cha bu duo” as the word of the day.



Get a chance to hear Chinese rock with this song, but actually it is not that difficult to listen to. The more you stick with it the more enjoyable it gets. The lyrics are interesting and are a great way to start broadening your Chinese vocabulary.


Most of these Chinese songs are memorable, you can listen and study on the go – tell me, is this not the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese

Essentially learn China is about language, music, food, culture etc. 


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