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Media Coverage

It has been widely noted that in recent years, China’s world standing is now a force that’s grabbing everyone’s attention. As the country rapidly transforms, as its economy continues to turn heads, China is now regarded to be amongst the top destinations in the “Far East” for anyone seeking professional advancement and potential career opportunities. This in fact is true particularly for individuals and groups coming from western countries, landing in China to carve out their own job prospects, particularly getting Chinese internships, actual job positions and Mandarin Chinese immersion programs in esteemed Chinese universities. Go Abroad China internship cost can be customised to fit the budget of most applicants because we understand that students willing to go abroad need a little financial boost too.  

Below, we have compiled some articles from several media outlets that support our China immersion endeavours in this industry. 

Foreign Students Flock to China for internships

Internship opportunites in China are plenty! A former intern shares his take on foreigners like him flocking to China; that's a unique perspective. Go Abroad China’s general manager also shares his thoughts. 

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Professional Company Assists Chinese Enterprises in Recruiting Overseas Talents

Interview excerpts with thoughts from some of Go Abroad China’s staff members and views on interning in China.

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Five Chinese Universities on World’s Best 100

Recent reports reveal some of China’s best performing universities are also demanding recognition from the rest of the world.   

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Go Abroad China: Internships with Top International Companies in China

Verge magazine does a profile of our company GAC and the importance of our internships in Beijing and placements in many other cities.

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 China’s English language CCTV channel hosts foreign students in  Beijing

Hear what foreign students studying in Chinese local universities say about   China and their experiences studying aboard.  

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