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Terms and Conditions


For clients satisfaction and high quality service delivery we have designed the Program Terms&Conditions which clearly states responsibilities of both parties: GAC and the Participant of the Program.

It is neseccary that the client complete and sign the Terms&Conditions document before the departure. Please, make sure that you get familiar with this document.

Terms&Conditions includes detailed information about:

          1.  GAC obligations
          2.  Booking&Payment procedure
          3.  Changes&Cancellations
          4.  Termination of the Program
          5.  Participant’s obligations
          6.  Visa application procedure
          7.  Important notices regarding special cases


           Download the Terms&Conditions


Once you formally have confirmed your placement in our program our manger will ask you to send a signed copy of Terms&Conditions. You will receive this document from the manager or just download it above.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please write to inquiry@goabroadchina.com for more information.


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