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How To Fund Your Internship & Study Abroad Programs

Funding your internship program or study program abroad can sometimes be an issue. Even after budgeting and carefully planning out your funds, you might still end up being short and not able to complete all payments. But rejoice for GAC has created structured solutions to solve this issue and have also partnered with FundMyTravel who have offered to provide funding opportunities that would enable you fulfil your dream of interning or studying abroad.

GAC’s partnership with FundMyTravel, has created the opportunity for students and young professionals to have their programs paid for by the very generous people on the FundMyTravel webpage. All you have to do is, create your campaign page on the FundMyTravel website, build a compelling and attractive profile with a video and share your story. FundMyTravel and GAC will help you in your goals, assisting you effectively advertise your campaign either through social media or other platforms.

If you are ready and excited to start planning your trip, but discouraged by a financial roadblock, Go Abroad China has another solution for you. We have teamed up with FundMyTravel, an online platform where you can fundraise for your upcoming travels with us. Create your own unique campaign page, complete a brief profile to build trust, and get sharing to watch the dollars come flying in!




FundMyTravel has a team of dedicated staff who want to help Go Abroad China participants reach their fundraising goals. They can provide tips and insights on the best ways to spread the word and offer sharing tools to get your campaign greater exposure through social media and email. Click the button below to learn more and get started!

Apart from this beautiful initiative and solution, here are other ways to make your dream come through and fund your interning or study abroad programs in China.   

Through crowd- funding or crowd sourcing:  Various websites such as Indiegogo, Firstgiving and GoFundMe are very popular crowd funding websites used worldwide. With the proper advertising techniques, once you are able to attract and convince people, they would be willing to fund your trip abroad and fulfil your dream of interning or studying in China. The dedicated team at GAC are always eager and happy to assist you create your applications for these programs. We would advice you on what to say and how to easily create traffic to your page.


Through communities, social clubs or groups: There are various local businesses, social groups, community based organizations and Non-governmental Entities that can offer support and funding for your trip.


Through your university: The career centre at your university can also advice and assist find programs available to fund your trip abroad. Some universities are partnered with various organisations offering grants or scholarships.




Through scholarships: There are numerous scholarship opportunities for everyone online. Though these scholarships differ from country to country and their requirements too, with the proper guidance you can successfully gain a scholarship.



Types of scholarships available



There are numerous scholarship opportunities still available for everyone, all you have to do is search for these scholarships online in your country and you can find a suitable scholarship for your circumstance.

How To Find A Scholarship

Now you are aware that atleast there are several ways of funding your trip abroad and there are numerous scholarship opportunities available for you to make your dream come through. The next thing to do is to find a suitable scholarship to apply for.



  • Online: You can find so many scholarship opportunities online that are available in your country.  Go Abroad China makes it even easier for you by filtering applicable international scholarships.  The most important thing is to apply for as many programs you find to greatly increase your chances and get accepted.


  • Financial Aids and Grants: There are financial aids and grants also available for funding your trip. With the aid of your university resources or counselling department, they can assist you find financial aids and grants available and suitable for you, it really is worth a try.


  • Non-profit Organisations: Non-profit organisations are the trustworthiest pathway to achieving your dream, once you can convince them about your program and how it can improve your life; you are sure to gain their support and assistance. An online search or enquiry from your university could help you locate these organisations.  


  • Companies and Organisation: Companies and organisations tend to regularly offer scholarship programs for students worldwide in all fields of study, notable organisation for example oil companies like Shell and Chevron create scholarship opportunities for students in so many African countries and the rest of the world, these scholarship opportunities are usually posted on their social media pages, the news or your local newspaper and on their website. 


  • Acquaintances: Odds are, you may have a very rich aunt from your extended family, or your employer, teacher, or friends, may know someone who could be generous enough to sponsor your trip abroad. Just try them, ask and you may be surprised about the opportunity that appears.


How to win that Scholarship

So, you have finally found a suitable scholarship program, the nest step is to create your application, write an essay (most scholarships require this) and prepare for interviews or speeches. The most important thing in this stage is to be confident, organised and patient. Remember that there are possible tons of people also applying for this same scholarship, so you need to make sure your application stands out and is unique to be considered.


  • Research the Scholarship organisers:  Carrying out some research on the company organising the scholarship is really beneficial. Reading about the company’s history, founders, goals and mission can help you during the application process as it shows that you care about the company and would also increase their interest in you for your interest in them.


  • Carefully go through and understand the instructions: This really is important, as you need to clarify what the company wants from you. Make sure you understand the questions being asked and give the correct answers. If you do this well, this would enable you be successful in your application.


  • Create a captivating essay: Your essay needs to be unique, different and attractive.  Make sure to proofread, and get feedback from several knowledgeable people. This is your chance to convince the judges why you deserve the scholarship.


  • Express yourself: Although you should avoid boasting or bragging, try to detail your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and qualifications. If you recognize your potential, others will as well. Show them why they need to invest in you.


  • Include a Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from a well known person would encourage the judges and give them more reasons to offer you a scholarship. If you are able receive a recommendation from a relevant, respected professional, a professor or your boss, vouching for your accomplishments and strengths, this would greatly increase your chances


  • Be Persistent: If at first you don’t succeed, apply for another scholarship. Keep fighting, do not get discouraged, and do not give up. From each fail, you would learn your mistakes and continue working on them until you are successful. So be persistent, this could be you in the picture.


How to Plan Ahead for your scholarship application

In order to have a convincing and attractive application for the scholarship you are applying to, you need to have interesting experiences, strengths and accomplishments that would make you stand out and successful.  You do not have to be the greatest footballer or musician, but you could have talents and skills that are very desirable and unique, all you have to do is to be hardworking and willing to grow and succeed.

  • Work on yourself: Work on your talents, skills and grades, scholarships are very competitive so use this as a motivation to broaden your scope of activities and improve your game. Gain new skills and experiences


  • Get involved with the community: Volunteering is not only a positive past time activity, but it also stands out on your scholarship application and you could form relationships and friendships which could be beneficial in the future. Whether it’s in local events, mentorship programs, charity drives, or fundraising options, giving enriches. Plus, who knows; you might just meet an organization that’ll sponsor you down the road!


  • Be organized and up to date: There’s nothing worse than missing a deadline, so grab a calendar and start looking online for new updates and news. This way, you could find the best opportunities quickly and as soon as you get accepted, you know where to send applications off first.


  • Read the eligibility requirements thoroughly: There’s no point in wasting time and effort writing the years best essay if you don’t actually qualify for the scholarship. Read the fine print, and, if you have any questions, contact the scholarship provider.


  • Start your search early: Once you have made a decision on when you would like to start your program, start researching scholarship options at least a couple of semesters before. The application window between getting accepted into a program and applying for financial aid is not very large, so it helps to already have options lined up.


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