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Program Details

Our Program Details section provides key information about all our program types, program fee and acts as an important hub for details such as our program dates, program fee, Frequently Asked Questions and our Application Procedure.



We recommend all applicants review the information in this section before submitting their application. You are encourage to contact Go Abroad China if you have questions at any stage.

Application Procedure   Program Dates
Information about our application requirements and timeline, what we look for in an intern, and advise regarding how to prepare for your telephone interview with Go Abroad China.   Our programs run on a monthly basis throughout the year for durations of from 1 to 12 months. You can find information about the dates for each of our programs on this page.
Frequently Asked Questions   Program Fee
A list of commonly asked questions received by our Regional Offices, these questions cover every step of process, from your application, to arrival in China and re-entry support.   Including accommodation, Chinese language classes, 24/7 support and other key services our program fee highlights the cost of our program. We also provide information regarding funding opportunities.



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