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All of our Go Abroad China participants are required to have health and emergency medical insurance. If you chose our Full Service Package Option then your incurance will be already included in the program fee and provided by us. If you make insurance yourself please check the regular policy to see what kind of coverage it provides when going abroad. Make sure you have coverage for medical evacuation should you need to be flown back home for emergency medical treatment. Please send us proof of your insurance coverage in the form of either a letter from your provider or a copy of your insurance card.

If you do not have any overseas insurance coverage you will need to purchase it before your program commences. For applicants going to universities, you will need to purchase the student insurance at your destination university once you are in China; the cost is no more than US$100 per academic year. As for the cost of living in China, you will have to support yourself when it comes to meals and transport per day. 

Early Preparation

Before our applicants come to China, it is a good idea that they pay a visit to their doctor or dentist to confirm that they are in good health. Check the Center for Disease Control and Protection’s website for guidelines about immunization requirements and recommendations for traveling to China, especially if you come from a region prone to yellow fever or cholera. But generally, you do not need to get vaccines to come to China.


If you have any special health needs and medication, we advise you to bring it with you and make sure your supply is enough for how ever long you will be in China. Be sure to bring copies of your prescriptions and medical record including eyeglasses. If you think you will need regular medical care abroad, bring a letter from your doctor that shows the details of your medical treatment.

A complete physical exam signed by a doctor is required for students enrolled in the 6 months to full academic programs at our partner universities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

The cost of living in Shanghai or Beijing is like many other large cities; 50RMB is the bare minimum for food and transport per day. If you have bigger spending habits, please adjust your personal budget accordingly. 

Important health references

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – 800 311 3435

U.S. State Department Overseas Citizens Emergency Center – 202 647 5225

Mobility International (for those with disabilities) 503 343 1284


  • About China

China is still considered as one of the safest places to travel and live in all across Asia. Big cities while quite busy with people remain safe with low crime rates. However any visitor or participant should keep an eye out for pick pocketing on public transportation especially during peak travel times.

It is best that our clients avoid any political rhetoric and demonstrations regarding sensitive issues to China; otherwise there is nothing else to worry about. Like anywhere else in the world, just make sure that you avoid walking alone in the middle of the night.

  • About Housing

We carefully select our housing options with regard to our clients’ safety as one of the top priorities. Private and shared apartments are in complexes with access to 24 hour security; our homestay options require the participant to be home at a reasonable time every evening and to give a notice the host family if they need to arrive at a later time. High school students in particular are encouraged not to stay out late and behave in an ideal manner. While Go Abroad China doesn’t specifically give a curfew, we are happy to follow the original curfew that the parents might have set up with their child from their own home country.

  • Nightlife

In China, buying alcohol, smoking and going to nightclubs is fairly straightforward; age restrictions are not strictly reinforced. We advise parents to discuss alcohol consumption with their children prior to joining our programs, especially if they have chosen the high school or study tour programs. We urge our young participants to always present themselves well in public and obey the rules. 


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