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Welcome Parents

At Go Abroad China, we are happy to work together with parents and organize a smooth transition for your child to China, for as long as their program dictates. Many parents have come to understand the benefits of learning Chinese in today's economic world. Whether your child is participating in an Internship in China, a study tour  or is here to figure out how to learn the Chinese language at one of our top partner universities and language schools, we are committed to organizing the best experience abroad for your child. 

Advantages of Going Overseas

While your child is in China, they will get the following benefits:

  • Be knowledgeable about the Chinese language and Culture.
  • Gain independence, expand their thought process and have personal growth through living abroad for sometime.
  • Meet new people and create lasting friendships with other Go Abroad China program participants coming from different countries.
  • Sharpen their future career path through a meaningful internship experience.
  • Gain knowledge about the industry and market trends in the field they are working in.
  • Create valuable contacts for business purposes.
  • Have an enhanced CV that will make your child more marketable when looking for employment.

Pre-departure guidelines

GAC advices parents to make absolute sure of the following major points before your child leaves for China:

  • A valid passport and visa (and a photocopy of each).
  • Establish a plan for how you will communicate once he/she gets to China. Some options include setting up separate skype accounts for you and your child so that you are able to make international calls for free. Your child will also get help from our GAC staff if he/she would like to buy a Chinese SIM card. Email communication can also be quite efficient, and lastly some other options may include hotmail, msn etc online chatting platforms. Internet is widely available in our accommodations for your child’s convenience.
  • Make sure you and your child read about China before departure. Of course upon first arrival in the country, the Go Abroad China staff will provide full orientation for your child to help reduce the initial culture shock. Many people wonder about the cost of living in China for students; for mere basics, 50 RMB is enough for day. But if your child has bigger spending habits, then you are better of giving them a larger allowance. The cost of living in Beijing is similar to the number quoted above. 
  • If your child has special medication, please make sure that they remember to take it with them, and that they are clear when and how to take the medication.
  • Have a financial plan in case your child runs out of pocket money. In all our program fees, including the Go Abroad China internship cost,  accommodation is already included and guaranteed for the duration of the program. Your child will mostly be spending pocket money on meals (if not included in their specific program plan), transport or on things of personal interest. Be clear about the cost of living in Beijing, or any other city your child will be visiting. 
  • Make sure your child packs appropriately, especially with regard to the weather, and brings any other essential materials that they might need.


We want all our participants’ parents to be rest assured that their child will be happy, safe and have a memorable experience in China, which is why our staff is available 24/7 and their personal mobile numbers will be given to the participants. 


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