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Other tips to remember

  • English is still not widely spoken in China; in fact chances are if you get lost, the first local person you ask for directions might not speak English. It’s best to ask for help from a young person, as there is a higher chance that they speak English. 
  • At the core, China remains a conservative country. Please avoid political or other sensitive, controversial rhetoric or demonstrations, especially as a foreign visitor.
  • Once you are in the country, make sure to abide by the local laws to avoid serious repercussions.
  • As a visitor, get in the habit of carrying a copy of your ID or passport with you at all times
  • You will at some point experience some culture shock. Most cities are loud, crowded and always busy; just remember to keep an open mind and stay in regular communication with your caretakers here in China and family and friends back home.
  • Like any other place, avoid walking in secluded spots by yourself especially at nighttime; avoid accepting things from strangers, trusting too easily, and street fights and quarrels.
  • Be street smart: watch out for pickpockets in very crowded areas, especially on the metro during peak hours. Reject any fake goods that Chinese people will probably approach you with and tempt you to purchase!
  • Be aware that in China you cannot feely access facebook, twitter, youtube and gmail. Please think of other arrangements (such as vpn installation on your computer/phone) for your own usage.
  • Lastly, remember to keep a positive attitude, open mind, observe Chinese etiquette and have fun; afterall you are coming to China to experience what the country has to offer and for personal development. 


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