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The Go Abroad China guide information has been thoughtfully compiled to help our clients with their upcoming trip to China. We discuss common things that one needs to be aware of when preparing to go abroad. GAC gladly welcomes international friends to come and experience this ancient yet modern country in our way! 

The Backstory

Records show that China’s history extends up to 5 000 years back, ranking it amongst some of the world’s most ancient and mysterious civilizations. Known in Chinese as “zhongguo” or the “Middle Kingdom”, long ago the Chinese saw themselves as the middle point between the West and the Far East, a sentiment that still exists even today. The cradle of Chinese civilization lies in the Yellow River basin, the second longest river in China right behind the Yangze. The Yellow River is thus the mother of Chinese civilization. Its source is in Qinghai province, western China, meandering through such provinces and regions as Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, and emptying into the Bohai Sea off of Shandong province in the eastern part of the country.

Ancient China is characterized by the earliest forms of tribal rule, kingdoms, dynasties & imperialism, down to the present republic we have become familiar with. Today, China is divided into provinces and special administrative zones and has caught onto modern ways of living; we know it by rapid economic growth, large in-country and out going migration patterns, expansion, and an influx of foreign companies and individuals with the same desire to find and explore their opportunity as China’s influence and sphere of power continue to rise.

Indeed, as projections keep showing that this will be “China’s century”, there are still new fields to be discovered, and we continue to welcome internationals to come our way and take the journey of a lifetime with us.  


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