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How many children at the school/orphanage will I be involved with?

Students are divided into groups and classes and you will be placed in a class size depending on how well you can manage. Classes can have 15, 20, 30 or more students. During your orientation at whichever school or orphanage you have chosen to volunteer at, the staff will help map out a plan for you. 

What are the ages of the Chinese children?

The kids are of different ages; the orphanage will usually have very young children some of whom still need help feeding, clothing etc.; the migrant primary school will of course have primary school-aged kids as well as kindergarten kids. 

How old do I need to be in order to participate in the volunteer program?

The majority of our applicants in the past have been high school graduates, college students and a few other independent individuals. 

I don’t speak Chinese; can I still join?

Many of our participants are just starting to learn Chinese and traveling to China for the first time. We only require you to have a genuine interest in the program. On arrival in China, you can choose to start taking Chinese lessons alongside your volunteer work; usually we will arrange for you to have private tutoring classes several times a week.

What is Beijing like? Is it a safe city?

Beijing and China as a whole are both very safe to live in, marked by low crime rates and secure living areas. The cost of living in Beijing 2016 for example, you might want to budget 50RMB per day on average, but it largely depends on your spending habits. For more information about Beijing, please click here

Does the program offer any travel or medical insurance?

We require all our clients to have travel and medical insurance cover while in China. If you already have an insurance policy in place, please make sure the coverage is applicable when traveling to China. If you haven’t got any insurance, we can recommend an affordable insurance provider once you arrive in China, however the terms and cost of the insurance should be addressed directly to the insurance company. 

How much money should I bring?

The amount of pocket money to prepare depends on your lifestyle. Usually our program participants like to buy souvenirs from China when they leave, Chinese food is quite affordable unless you really prefer fine dining and public transport is quite cheap and easily accessible. On average, participants can spend between 300-500 USD per month for food, transportation and entertainment. 

What should I bring to China?

We always recommend our volunteer program clients to travel lightly. You can bring your daily, personal essentials, any special medication that you need on a daily basis. You don’t need to bring too many clothes, as they are quite affordable in China. If you like, you can also bring some used, second hand children’s books or clothes to donate to the orphanage. 

What is the electric voltage used in China?

Voltage is 220 volts. An electric converter is readily available at most shopping centers. 

Will I have some free time during my volunteer program?

Yes, you will have a total of approximately 6-7 hours of free time per week to relax and have some time to yourself. We want you to have a good balance between your volunteer efforts, joining our regular cultural activities and your own personal time. 

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