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Volunteer In Beijing's Overview

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to get to know local people and understand them is to mingle with them in their daily life, all the while making a lasting impact in the community. For those interested in giving back and getting involved with community service, Go Abroad China offers some of the most meaningful travel and volunteer experiences right here in China, fulfilling the needs of both locals in not so ideal situations and giving an valuable opportunity for anybody who would like to get involved in social improvement efforts.

Go Abroad China has for many years been contributing to the betterment of Chinese children living with special needs and disabilities, children in orphanages and those that attend poor schools for migrant children. All the above-mentioned groups of people benefit greatly from the volunteer work that Go Abroad China organizes for its program participants. As an international volunteer, your contribution will surely improve not only their situation physically, but more importantly in their psychological state of mind as opportunities like these are not very common for them. The memories are bound to last for a lifetime for all sides involved.

All of Go Abroad China’s volunteer programs can be combined with Chinese language classes; afterall, Beijing is the best place to learn Chinese according to many. Your choice of housing can be a homestay in Beijing, shared apartment or private apartment; cultural and social activities are always included in our program structure; guided tours are also integrated. Get on board and join our Volunteer in Beijing program now for an inspiring experience. Click here to get a sneak peak of what Beijing is like.    

Key features of the Volunteer in Beijing Program:

  • We arrange personal visits for you to meet potential organizations and see which one you would like to volunteer with.
  • We organize for you to learn basic Mandarin Chinese (private lessons or join a language school in Beijing), culture electives, social activities, networking events and guided tours & excursions to help you get immersed in the Chinese way of life and better understand the environment that you will be staying in. 
  • You will have local, safe, comfortable housing options for the duration of your volunteer session in China. For more details about our housing options, please click here.
  • Go Abroad China’s professional and experienced staff provides 24/7 total support and assistance.
  • We provide and facilitate all the important documents including a pre-departure guide, orientation information, survival and guide tips about life in China for a foreigner, volunteer program certificate etc.
  • International phone call service.
  • GAC provides an all-inclusive service pack; this includes airport pick-up and drop off, orientation upon arrival, welcome pack, accommodation, visa support documents, regular cultural immersion activities etc. 

If you have any questions, please complete the form below. We will get back to you within 12 hours ( working day). Thank you!

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