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One On One Tutoring Program - Components

Go Abroad China's One on One Tutoring program consists of of the following parts: 

Core Language Classes

GAC’s one on one private tutoring program consists of 4-6 hours of tutoring per day, usually divided between morning and afternoon, or even during the evening. Tutoring sessions can take place in different places, and according to the student’s preferred location, for example it can be in the comfort on your apartment, somewhere on campus, a coffee shop or our office. The length of the program is anywhere from a week to 3 months, the start date is entirely up to you! The main areas of study are general Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK preparation, and besides these, you can also choose to focus on law, business & commerce, current affairs, reading & speaking etc. Every three weeks, the student gets a chance to give the tutor a progress report to see whether he/she is still satisfied. We also insist upon a further evaluation of the tutor by a senior supervisor once a month. The feedback is helpful as it gives the tutor a platform for improvement and betterment of one’s craft. 

Language Exchange

The language exchange integrates a local native speaker and encourages communication with our participants too. Choosing home stay or shared apartment opportunity you will live with a Chinese person and get more chances to practice language, learn new words and expressions. It also will give you an opportunity to build up a new friendship and get to know more local Chinese. This is like getting some free Chinese lessons in a relaxed setting. 


GAC offers different accommodation options for the participants according to their requirements, preferences and budget. Our housing options are carefully selected, we are choosing the best home stay families and flat mates for those who want to experience living with a Chinese person and integrate with the culture. The accommodation is safe, modernly equipped with all facilities and the most important it is within walking distance of the metro and bus lines that run all throughout the city. Utilities and Wi-fi are also included in the housing option.

Our accommodation options include: living with a Chinese host family, shared apartment with a young Chinese professional, student dormitories, private apartment or a standard three star hotel.

Culture Electives, Social Activities and Guided Tours

Language is the main part of the culture so that is why Go Abroad China offers you not only language courses but also wide range of elective workshops and fun activities. This part of the program aims broadening students’ knowledge of Chinese Culture, History and the Arts. Activities are extensive and covers all main cultural aspects of China. Those are Chinese calligraphy, painting, Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese cooking. Above that program participants enjoy guided tours to main attractions of Beijing, Shanghai or other cities. Students can also take part in volunteer activities; learn more about Chinese local communities and people’s lives.  When you study Mandarin in China, it is important to experience the culture too. 

Networking Events

Go Abroad China arranges various Business and Networking Events, in which all are students are very glad to participate. Such activities provide a useful platform for our participants to learn how to network in China, meet influential foreign and Chinese business individuals from the business community and impart useful industry knowledge and current trends. Such meetings usually bring to the participants a lot of necessary contacts that they can use in the future for their professional growth and development.

Total Service Pack:  Support and Assistance

Go Abroad China introduces you the complete service package that starts working from pre-departure preparation until your last days in China. Full assistance is provided and includes program placement, airport pick-up, accommodation, visa support documents, 24-hour hotline support and many other essential services.  At GAC, we take care of everything else while you just focus on studying and making the most of your experience in China. 



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