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Winter Chinese Language Programs

Go Abroad China Winter Chinese language programs are designed for dedicated, hard-working students who want to learn Chinese and experience the Chinese Spring Festival.

Instead of spend your charismas holiday as before for your winter break, why not head to China and squeeze in a Chinese winter camp over your holidays?

Come to China for the Winter Chinese language programs to have a more productive, exciting, and interesting winter break. You can experience the hustle and bustle of the holidays in China (and we don't mean Christmas - Spring Festival is EPIC!), play on and marvel the frozen Houhai Lake, and eat copious amounts of dumplings without feeling guilty about it.

Spend your winter study abroad in China, learning the most widely spoken language in the world, gaining a competitive edge in the job market, visit the ancient temples, make friends from all over the world, you’ll together with other participants from all over the world gain a complete awareness about Chinese Business Environment and Economy, confidence, and skills to help prepare you for life and enjoy the delicious Chinese food, experience the Chinese culture.

Read on for more information on how you can spend your summer studying abroad in China.


GAC Winter Chinese language programs

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l    College study abroad in china

l    GAC Intensive Chinese study

l    GAC standard Chinese study

l    GAC Winter Camps

l    GAC Winter study tour

l    Winter Internships in China


Most preferred Winter Program Combinations by Past Participants

You can also combine two programs together if you want to better use your time in china:

· Winter Internships in China

· Winter Internships for High School Students in China

· Winter Jobs in China

· Winter Teach Abroad in china

· Winter learn Chinese in China

· Winter HSK in China

· Winter High School

· Winter Camp in China

· Winter for Teens in China

· Winter Volunteer in China

· Winter One on one tutoring   

· Winter small group


When do these Winter Chinese language programs run?

Please check out our Dates and Fees section to see your preferred program dates for studying abroad in China in the Winter of 2017.

For more flexibility, students may choose to study abroad at the small group  or  One on One tutoring .


How much is this Chinese program gonna cost me?

Go Abroad China Chinese Learning programs fit any budget. Please kindly check the dates and fees . or you have full flexibility to choose from our Chinese learning courses to plan your perfect Chinese language program. You can also Tailor-made your own programs to meet your special need. We encourage our students to play an active role in customizing their ideal college study abroad program!


The Benefits of Studying in China over the Winter  

You've spent all semester cramming your brain with more and more knowledge (and hopefully a couple hundred Mandarin characters!). Why let all that good work go to waste by lazing around between semesters? You can avoid that whole transitioning-back-to-school-life thing and minimize your review process, so you'll never miss a beat and jump back into the semester ready to go. Studying Chinese is a marathon, not a sprint, and regularly invested time and energy into your studies will be rewarded in the long run.

Besides, there's not much else to do around town once you've exhausted your favorite old hangouts, caught up with all of your old friends, and finished counting down from 10 for the New Year. Scratch the whole holidays-at-home lifestyle altogether, and share it with us in Beijing!


Where in China can I study?

Winter courses are available at the following Chinese universities and schools:

Beijing Shanghai Nanjing
Beijing Small Group class Shanghai One on One tutoring Nanjing One on One tutoring
BLCU Shanghai Small Group Class Nanjing Small Group Class
Beijing One on One Tutoring    


More information


GAC Business Lecture Series

GAC organizes Business Lectures for our Learn Chinese program participants, featuring researchers from Academic, Expats & Entrepreneurs, as well as Representatives of the Chinese Business community.  Within this, GAC aims to provide an in-depth insight into critical issues and shed light on opportunities available for young graduates as the Chinese economy develops.  Topics like the Chinese Development Model, Cross-Cultural and Exchange management, Business Trade policies of China, Historical development of China, Development of the eChinese Financial system and the future, Chinese Stock Exchanges and Characteristics will be discussed. 

If you have any questions, please complete the form below. We will get back to you within 12 hours ( working day). Thank you!

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