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Maybe you've only got a few weeks of holiday, or want to study abroad for a semester; point is that you can do more than simply catching sunrays at the beach or visiting your favorite amusement park for the umpteenth time. Maybe you've already started learning the Mandarin language in your home country, but why not make the decision to study Chinese in China and see if your tones are actually as good as you think they are. Check all the China study abroad programs that we have below for more information!

Our Programs

Study Tour In China
Study Chinese, Lean Chinese, Chinese Language
Our summer program in China offers intellectual discovery, cross-cultural awareness, sightseeing, and Chinese lessons.
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Learn Chinese at Top China university
Learn Chinese, Chinese Language, Study Chinese
Study Chinese at China’s top Universities, or join Mandarin School Shanghai programs. Our University Mandarin Program offers dynamic Chinese courses in the most renowned cities of China.
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Small Group Chinese Program
Learn Chinese, Chinese Language, Study Chinese
Learn Chinese in China with 5-7 other students and benefit from the flexibility and the personalized teaching methods. This program is available for all levels.
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One On One Program
Learn Chinese, Chinese Language, Study Chinese
Decide your schedule of Chinese classes, decide the kind of subject you want to focus on and more importantly learn at your own pace with your Chinese tutor!
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HSK Program
Learn Chinese, Chinese Language, Study Chinese
Come to China to practice your Chinese and learn loads of new characters in order to pass the HSK (China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).
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Summer Programs in China
Learn Chinese, Chinese Language, Study Chinese
We assure a guaranteed placement! Our Executive Internships in Beijing and Shanghai presents a unique platform for ...
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Learn Chinese in Beijing for example (or any other city) for a semester, a University Mandarin Program, small group program, intensive & private tutoring, study tour in China, Shanghai Mandarin School; you can be assured we have a program that will suit your needs! Go Abroad China has already welcomed over 4000 students from all over the world to learn Chinese in China! Make the investment now and come to China to experience the Go Abroad China’s Chinese language courses: Chinese courses Beijing, Learn Chinese Shanghai progrmas or in other cities. You and your language skills won’t regret it!


Tell me more!

Learning Mandarin Chinese in China does not have to take a significant chunk of time out of your lifestyle. Course start dates are flexible (our schedule accommodates YOURS!) while the course duration must be completed in week-long blocks. The program is broken down in to three parts, all of which will help you tap into your learning potential and enhance your opportunity to quickly master Chinese. Life in Zhongguo - China in Mandarin - is pleasantly surprising. 
Go Abroad China reworked its programs over many years until we found the perfect combination of activities and learning styles to benefit our students' ability to speak Chinese in the long run. Each element focuses on the different skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking from a different angle, giving students a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience in a short amount of time. If Beijing is not your city, check out how you can learn Mandarin in Shanghai. Learn China and understand the people, food, culture, modern scenariol, language etc. See more below!


10 reasons to choose Go Abroad China's Chinese Programs
1. Established in 2003, Go Abroad China has since been providing internships, Chinese classes and the study tours in China.
2. Qualified and experienced teachers, bilingual, comprehensively trained who have lots of Chinese teaching hours experience.
3. A wide range of programs for all levels: small group classes, private tutoring, study at China’s top Universities (BLCU, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong, etc.)
4. Credits, transcripts and certificates, which are recognized and accepted by all the Universities in the world.
5. A wide range of effective and practical Chinese courses for all levels.
6. Quality accommodation options: homestay, private apartment and shared apartment.
7. Great student life, various fun cultural activities to help you make international friends.
8. Professional service staff to help you settle in China.
9. Personalized follow up during your internship or study in China.
10. Academic partnerships all around the globe.


To apply for your Chinese course or semester abroad programs, please complete the online registration.
For any inquiries about Chinese Mandarin courses, please contact inquiry@goabroadchina.com , or you can call our Toll free in China: 1-800-314-2508 and 86-18612879069.


Go Abroad China, Gap Year Parent Review


Our Gap Year/Internship and Study Aroad in China Programs are preference based and structured to develop your professional and interpersonal skills. Take advantage of our career coaching and support services provided to boost your career and put you ahead in the job market.


Mrs Deng relates her daughters experience participating in our Intensive Chinese Language program during the summer.


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