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Internship in China --A Step Out of The Comfort Zone

Want to get an unforgettable and practical China working experience, why not consider working in China? Companies across the world are looking to engage with China, and value employees with experience in China immensely. New industries and work opportunities in China are rising up faster than the skyscrapers that accommodate them. Build your career in China could be the smartest choice you can make right now and help you stand out from the crowd in future job applications.

A lack of work experience is a great problem for many students entering the job market. Doing an internship during or right after your studies can give you this first valuable experience needed on your CV to convince future employers to hire you. Potential employers will recognize your strength of character and determination to rise to challenges and face them head on. You can even take part some Chinese language course along the way. Imagine how impressed prospective employers will be when they look at your CV and their eyes are drawn to your professional experience in the largest emerging market in the world: China!

GAC China Internship program is stepping stone to greater career paths.  Our Participants who excel during your internships with our Host Companies, stand the chance of being maintained and given a good job offer by them. Go Abroad China also plays the vital role of helping participants launch you careers in China.  Whatever path you end up taking after university, your internship will prove invaluable for the future. 


Who can take part in China Internship Program?

• Undergraduates
• Graduates
• Applicants who will be 18 and above at the start of their internship


Break into your field with a high quality internship in your field. Expert internshp coordinators will let your talent shine as they walk you every step toward landing your dream job. 

Reasons To Get An Internship!

  Complete your Degree

Many universities and schools require students to do an internship as a part of their degree, often in combination with a final research paper. Many of our partner companies are willing to welcome you to do research on certain aspects of their business.

 Get your first work experience and improve your CV (resume)

A lack of work experience is a great problem for many people entering the job market. Doing an internship during or right after your studies can give you this first valuable experience needed on your CV to convince future employers to hire you.

  Acquire new skills and new knowledge

Through an internship you will undoubtedly acquire new skills and knowledge related to your company’s sector. In addition, you will become more familiar with your company’s culture and habits as well as the “do's and don'ts of professional life.

  Get the chance to build up your network for the future

An internship provides you with a chance to get to know people in different companies, different sectors and different spheres of society. The more people you know, the better your chances to get ahead after your internship.

 Get to know yourself

Doing an internship in China allows you to get to know yourself and get a better idea on the direction of your future career. Doing internships in different countries, companies and sectors is a great way to discover your interests, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Why An Internship In China?

  Discover the old and new Chinese lifestyle

Both Beijing’s and Shanghai's city center is characterized by two very different lifestyles. On one hand, it is characterized by its old neighborhoods where mostly older people enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle, albeit often in poor living conditions. On the other hand however, China is also home to bustling brand new CBDs, impressive skyscrapers and modern living compounds where the new generation of young Chinese live a busy and hectic life. This fascinating contrast gives China an extra dimension which other countries don’t have.

   Feel the pulse of a new metropolis

Having prepared itself for the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing, and the World Expo in 2010 in Shanghai, both cities underwent a rapid transformation in the past years into a modern metropolis offering an exciting night life, great food from all over the world, a lively art scene and so much more. After a few days in Beijing or Shanghai, it will be clear that the days of the Cultural Revolution belong to a distant past.

 Learn more about our program and go to China Internship Program.

...BUT don’t just listen to us. See what our students have to say.

To apply for your Internship in China, please complete the online registration

For any inquiries please email it to inquiry@goabroadchina.com or call our local phone number at + 86 -186 -1287- 9069.  

Go Abroad China Participants Testimonials

Find out how our students got on during their internship abroad programs in China. Learn more about internship in China and interesting and unique experiences you can have while immersing yourself in this ancient culture. Contact us       t oday to find out how you can enroll in a Mandarin language course in China.

Please kindly find the photos below to see what students are saying about their experience internship in china with GAC!

  • ChrisHomecountry : UK
  • HaleyHomecountry : USA
  • TanyaHomecountry : Australia
  • LeaHomecountry : British
  • DavidHomecountry : Austrralia
  • WesleyHomecountry : UK
  • TshidiHomecountry : Botswana
  • DanielaHomecountry : Colombia
  • Tai BridgesHomecountry : USA
  • DavidHomecountry : Austrralia
  • Laura Mc AlisterHomecountry : USA
  • Susie LeeHomecountry : Australia
  • CatherineHomecountry : Germany
  • DiogoHomecountry : Portugal
  • AshleyHomecountry : Canada
  • AliceHomecountry : Belgium
  • Rebecca RobinsonHomecountry : UK
  • Pham QuangHomecountry : Vietnam
  • AdamHomecountry : US
  • DavidHomecountry : US
  • AnnaHomecountry : Germany
  • ClémentHomecountry : France
  • EricHomecountry : US
  • OliverHomecountry : UK
  • JoshuaHomecountry : Australia
  • FabiolaHomecountry : Venezuela


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