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Intensive Chinese Language Program's Overview

Our most flexible option to study Chinese in China, you can go to a small Chinese school Shanghai with our classes beginning every Monday of the year for varying levels. Classes run for three hours Monday to Friday. The teachers at our partner school all have years of experience and a passion for teaching. They have all received thorough training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and are officially certified. our partner school uses simulated everyday situations as the main teaching approach, enabling students to learn quickly and in a relaxed manner that is immediately applicable outside the classroom and abandons the test-oriented teaching mode, putting a greater emphasis on intensive speaking and listening exercises throughout the teaching process. Before you begin class, we will assess your level of spoken and written Chinese and assign you to a class that will match your level. If you only have a few weeks to study abroad in China, or can only get certain dates off work to come out, we will be able to accommodate your schedule.

Go Abroad China Chinese Courses

  • Intensive Chinese

    Our most flexible option to study Chinese in China, you can go to a small mandarin school Shanghai with our classes beginning every Monday of the year for varying levels. Classes run for three hours Monday to Friday. The teachers at our partner school all have years of experience and a passion for teaching.

  • Private tutoring

    Go Abroad China’s One on One Mandarin Language Tutoring Program is designed specifically in accordance with the individual participant’s requirements and level of Chinese Language proficiency. 

  • HSK preparation

    The HSK, known as “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” in Chinese is the standard Chinese Language Proficiency Test for non-native Chinese speakers, such as foreigners and overseas Chinese. The main objective of the HSK is to evaluate the level of standard Mandarin that one has learned.  

  • Online Chinese Course

    All our courses are learning outcome oriented and strictly follow curriculum and syllabus, we break courses into levels and sessions to provide you a clear picture of learning focus and outcome.

Whatever your reason, you don't have too much time to spare, but still want to pick up some highly marketable and pretty useful skills while you can. GAC’s Chinese language programs are designed for students just like you: those who only have a short time to study, but want to achieve the most from their experience. Do not restrict yourself to just Beijing, you could find yourself learning Chinese in Shanghai, take Chinese courses Beijing or any other city! 


So, why should you join the Go Abroad China's Small Group  Program? 

  • Teacher Rotation

Our teachers are rotated regularly in order to keep the learning atmosphere fresh. We do this so that our students can fully benefit from the instructors’ varied strengths and teaching style. The course includes four to six hours a day of formal study, with a ratio of 1 instructor to 5-10 foreign students. 

  • Well-structured Curriculum

Learning Mandarin Chinese, we operate on a well thought-out curriculum to suit both our short term and long-term students, ensuring that all students get the best lessons and support during their time of study. Our lesson plans are carefully organized, bearing in mind the interest, time frames and learning style of our applicants. 

  • Full Immersion

Besides the conventional classroom style learning, at Go Abroad China we also value the importance of after class activities as an additional aspect of learning Chinese language and understanding the culture. As such, GAC organizes several out of class activities during the week and city tours over the weekend, helping students better appreciate the Chinese language and culture. Additionally, we also encourage our students to take part in language exchange; we offer a complete assistance service package, from departure to arrival in China, orientation, visa support, accommodation, business and networking outings etc. 

  • Flexibility

Due to the fact that some of our students need to balance Chinese study with work, travel or other commitments, we offer flexible class hours, total program length and commencement dates to meet any requirement from our applicant and make things as convenient as possible for them. 

The Small Class Mandarin Program has the following features:

  • Small class style learning format
  • Absolute beginner all the way through to proficient classes and an intensive Mandarin program
  • The curriculum can be customized according to the applicant’s requirements
  • Flexibility with the schedule of classes
  • Free electives to choose from: some are language based, others more cultural
  • Language exchange program with a Chinese Native Speaker
  • Pre-selected tutors with years of professional experience teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  • Free guided city tours, outings and other activities
  • Accommodation is shared apartment with a Chinese roommate, or homestay
  • Part time job introduction, as well as taking part in an internship


Come to Zhongguo (China in Mandarin) and you will amazed at what you see!




Go Abroad China, Gap Year Parent Review


Our Gap Year/Internship and Study Aroad in China Programs are preference based and structured to develop your professional and interpersonal skills. Take advantage of our career coaching and support services provided to boost your career and put you ahead in the job market.


Mrs Deng relates her daughters experience participating in our Intensive Chinese Language program during the summer.


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