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HSK Program's Overview

The HSK, known as “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” in Chinese is the standard Chinese Language Proficiency Test for non-native Chinese speakers, such as foreigners and overseas Chinese. The main objective of the HSK is to evaluate the level of standard Mandarin that one has learned. The modern HSK test begins at level 1 all the way till level 6. The Ministry of Education in China has long approved the HSK test, and additionally, it is an internationally recognized qualification of the modern Chinese Language.

For foreigners, an HSK qualification is important in the following ways:

  • Once you know your Chinese proficiency level, you can use it to find good employment inside or even outside China.
  • You can easily enroll at a Chinese University, even increasing your chance of landing a scholarship to come to China to study.
  • Once you speak Chinese, it is very convenient when socializing, networking and creating valuable business contacts with Chinese people.
  • Opportunities are wider when you are fluent in more that one language, especially since Chinese’s influence continues to grow globally.


At Go Abroad China, we offer an affordable, highly effective and thorough HSK preparation course which can be taken as a summer language program, or at any other time too. In this course, you will find yourself learning basic Chinese language, oral Chinese, we teach you the best methods that you can utilize to attain the highest marks possible in this test, we introduce mock tests to slowly help you get familiar with this type of exam. The content that you will study focuses on listening, reading comprehension and paraphrasing, grammar, writing; all these aspects are important and form part of the HSK test.

The GAC designed HSK preparation program requires participants to take classes for 5 days a week for usually four hours a day. The duration of the program ultimately depends on the students, but normally the time frame can be a month, 3 months and 6 months, as an applicant you can decide on your own commencement date, we only require a month of advance notice to prepare everything for you.

Other features of the Go Abroad China HSK preparation course include:

  • Classroom style can be one-on-one tutoring or small class format.
  • Flexibility with the schedule; students can agree together with the teacher about the exact daily time-schedule.
  • We accept absolute beginners, people who’ve had previous introduction to Chinese etc.
  • Study hours are 4-6 hours daily, but students will be expected to put in additional effort for homework.
  • Pre-selected tutors with years of professional experience teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
  • Free guided city tours, outings and other activities.
  • Accommodation is shared apartment with a Chinese roommate.



Go Abroad China, Gap Year Parent Review


Our Gap Year/Internship and Study Aroad in China Programs are preference based and structured to develop your professional and interpersonal skills. Take advantage of our career coaching and support services provided to boost your career and put you ahead in the job market.


Mrs Deng relates her daughters experience participating in our Intensive Chinese Language program during the summer.


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