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University Mandarin Program – Components

The Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing Chinese Mandarin Language Programs are organized in partnership with some of China’s top universities, Mandarin School Shanghai; studying abroad for a semester will have you studying at one of the following institutios: 

Core Language Classes

Study Chinese in China with courses offered at the following schools:

Language Exchange

Getting to know the Chinese locals is an integral part of the Mandarin Language semester abroad programs. If you go with the ‘shared apartment’ type accommodation, it allows for language and cultural integration between the participant and Chinese flatmate and neighbors, marking the beginning of special friendships and to learn outside of your Chinese class, helping to improve cultural and social exchange. Whether you take a Chinese course in Shanghai or any other city, we encourage language exchange because of how fast it will help you learn Chinese fast and get you to live the language.


Go Abroad China offers many different types of accommodation to suit our students’ needs and budget. Clean and comfortable, all of Go Abroad China’s housing areas are carefully selected, safe & secure with 24 hours security. Most apartments are equipped with all amenities; they are located within walking distance of metro/bus lines that can take you throughout the city. All utilities and Wi-Fi are included. Housing is guaranteed for the entire duration of your program.

Accommodation can be with a host family, which is particularly useful for those in the study abroad china programs; learn Chinese in Shanghai and grab this unique opportunity. Other options include a shared apartment with a young Chinese professional, private apartment, student dormitories or a standard three star hotel. For more information on accommodation, please click Go Abroad China Housing

Culture Electives, Social Activities, Guided Tours

In addition to providing structured Chinese language classes and other corresponding services, here at Go Abroad China we further offer elective workshops. The electives are designed to broaden students and participants’ Chinese linguistic skills and cultural awareness in the fields of art and history. Our social activities include guided tours and excursions to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace; we also have calligraphy, Chinese painting, Tai chi, martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese cooking, volunteering etc. Exciting opportunities to learn Mandarin outside of the classroom are also on offer. Please click Go Abroad China Activities for more details

Networking Events

Go Abroad China arranges various Business and Networking Events, which students may choose to take part in. Networking provides additional opportunities for our participants to meet influential foreign and Chinese individuals from the business community and get connected with them, exchange important business information and industry knowledge. For those taking a summer internship in China for example, this is the best elective provided. 

Total service pack: Support and Assistance

Go Abroad China has a comprehensive service package that covers everything from pre-departure procedures in a participant’s home country right through to the end of the program selected. Other services include airport pickup, accommodation, visa support documents, 24-hour hotline support, assistance with the core program and many more. All in all, we take care of everything while you focus on studying and experiencing the Chinese culture. For more details, please click on the Go Abroad China Total Service Pack.  


learn Chinafood, language, people, culture, ancient and modern parallels, etc

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