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University Mandarin Program's Overview

Go Abroad China’s unique learn Chinese in China Program is facilitated in partnership with some of China’s top universities, with the support of professional language teachers in Beijing, Shanghai language programs (with Jiaotong and Fudan University) and Nanjing. When you choose a China study abroad program for a semester or more, you will find yourself living in one of those cities. 

GAC's China semester programs are designed to immerse participants in Mandarin Chinese in a number of ways including formal class instruction, after-class tutoring, language exchange program with a Mandarin Chinese native speaker and by taking part in culture electives and outdoor excursions. Accelerated teaching methods allow participants with a lower proficiency level to acquire the tools they need for effective oral communication within a relatively short period of time. For already advanced students, these Chinese classes aim to improve the students’ proficiency with complex Chinese expressions. The Chinese Language immersion programs integrate all aspects of the language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. We cover topics from daily situations, culture, society to history so that you get to live the language Beijing style as an example of one of our cities. Our instructors and teachers are highly experienced and professionally qualified Mandarin native speakers, with a university degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. We welcome participants of all levels to come and study together! This type of arrangement is best suited to those who study a semester abroad. 

Learn Chinese in Beijing, learn Mandarin in Shanghai or any other preferred city and master the Chinese language in our exciting and comprehensive language immersion program. Choose from a minimum of one week through to a whole year’s course, from beginner to advanced levels. Many have said that Mandarin Beijing programs are the most popular.

As a language student, start by noting down that China in Mandarin is zhongguo: the rest will follow. 

Program Highlights

  • International recognition for outstanding academic performance.
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese, get total immersion in the language and culture.
  • Affordable, accredited and quality Chinese language programs.
  • Program fee covers tuition, accommodation, visa support documents, text books, certificate after completion, welcome pack, culture electives, social activities & guided tours, networking events, total support & complete service pack, etc.
  • Accommodation includes homestay or shared apartment with a Chinese roommate.
  • College credit transfer available.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive and balanced curriculum integrating all aspects of the Chinese language: Speaking, Listening, Comprehensive Chinese, Extensive & Intensive Reading, Newspaper Reading, Grammar, Classical Chinese, Chinese culture, Chinese affairs and Writing. (Please note that all courses may depend on the participant’s level of Chinese, and whether its intensive or standard).
  • The appointed professors and instructors are native Mandarin speakers with degrees in Chinese Teaching and experience spanning many years.
  • Classes are available for complete beginners and also to those who have studied Chinese before.
  • The Standard Chinese Language program has 20 hours per week, the Intensive Chinese Language is 30 hours per week.
  • Short term program: 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Long term program: a semester or full academic year.
  • Language Exchange Program with native speakers.

Free electives: they may be language and non-language focused. Electives are based on the proficiency level of the student. These electives include: Chinese History, Business Chinese, Introduction to Chinese Characters, Mandarin Proficiency, Chinese Film, Chinese Calligraphy & Paiting, Chinese Fashion Terms, Chinese songs, HKS lessons, Taichi, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Er-hu (all electives are dependant on Mandarin proficiency level and program selected).

How do course credits work?

You could be learning Chinese in Shanghai or whichever city you prefer; all of the Chinese universities that Go Abroad China partner with are accredited directly by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

At the end of each University Learn Chinese program, the university issues an academic transcript. This document lists the courses each student has taken, the number of hours they attended class, and their final grades. Grades are largely based on the final exam, with some weight given to a midterm, homework, and attendance. Most students interested in transferring credit to their home universities will need to get the program approved in advance.

Because the programs are 20 class per week, they are considered full time study (really, more than full time study by western university standards!). A four-week program is approximately equal to a one semester Chinese course at a western university; a semester is several courses and should be awarded 12 to 15 credits in the US (a full semester's worth of classes). Why don’t come to China and study in China?

Learn more about our Mandarin Language programs in Beijing, Learn Chinese Shanghai and Nanjing etc and learn through our China immersion methods. 



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Our Gap Year/Internship and Study Aroad in China Programs are preference based and structured to develop your professional and interpersonal skills. Take advantage of our career coaching and support services provided to boost your career and put you ahead in the job market.


Mrs Deng relates her daughters experience participating in our Intensive Chinese Language program during the summer.






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