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Marketing PR & Media

Internship in China: Featuring Marketing, PR and Media


GAC Marketing internships in China can lead you to work for some of the most exciting companies in Shanghai and Beijing as assistants and project coordinators for marketing directors, events managers and planners in some of the top advertising firms, events management companies and PR firms. here is a huge demand for very aggressive and innovative marketing assistants in China for the very obvious reasons. 




Foreign enterprises in China have to understand how to market their products and services to the Chinese, while Chinese companies have to identify how to properly market their products and services to foreigners. The cultural differences and habits between Western and Chinese consumers are so vast that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach is unsuitable. It is crucial for companies to design their marketing and PR campaigns differently to suit separate groups. The advertising, marketing and PR industries are amongst the largest and fastest growing in China. Advertising sales have increased over 1,000 times since the early 80's!


As China's economy continues to see positive growth in corporate marketing, advertising expenditures will increase further, with the advertising industry alone expected to experience an average annual growth of 15% in the next 10 years.


Go Abroad China has successfully placed numerous interns in advertising conglomerates, digital marketing companies, PR firms and specialist marketing consultancies. If you decide to go with these sectors, you can be sure you will be challenged and will be given a lot of freedom to put knowledge into practice.


Opportunities and Features

 Our partner organizations in Marketing Sector in China has 70% possibility of hiring excellent talents. 

 The industry has an annual Revenue of $4bn for marketing research and $80billion for advertising agencies

 Currently growing at 14.8% annual growth

 It has over 101,108 businesses formed around it with 1.9 million employees

 Every day, an average of 10 PR, marketing, and media company is formed in Beijing and Shanghai alone

 Experience the feel of practicing strategies used in international marketing.

 Due to the need for quality marketing resources, our interns are handed challenging roles and job descriptions.

 Our Marketing Interns get the opportunity to work with marketing executives with in-depth knowledge about the terrain

 Also, our Internship program presents opportunities for our interns to be mentored professionally

 Enrolling into a Marketing internship In China exposes participants to opportunity to know more about industry and policy regulations

 Possibility of being maintained or handed a future contract


Marketing Supply Chain Players in China


Internet Services

Magazine and Periodical Publishin

Market Research

Newspaper Publishing

TV & Radio Broadcasting


Industry Requirements


Good knowledge about theories of marketing

Must have studied Marketing or related disciplines

Must have some research skills

Visit the following pages for more information Partner organizationsHot VacanciesTestimonials & Gallery


Available Positions


Consulting & Marketing Associate Internship

Brand Marketing and Communication Assistant

Assistant Business Development Manager

Event Management Manager- Assistant

Website design and SEO Interns

Datamining/ Quantitative researcher

Digital Marketing Intern

Assistant to PR Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Media and Publishing Intern


What You Will Be Doing


Interns and entry-level employees support cutting-edge integrated marketing strategies while learning fundamental marketing skills.  You will be working in an incredibly fast moving business, and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions.  Included your Job descriptions could be:


 Prospecting International 

 Provide competitive research and analysis support.

 Help with collection and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data from client marketing campaigns.

 Assist with advertising and marketing promotional activities including social media, mobile, mail, e-mail, web, telemarketing, and print.

 Assist with search engine optimization strategies.

 Work with various databases.

 Draft client communications, content for blogs, website, and social media.

 Write advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services.

 Consult with sales, media and marketing representatives to obtain information on product or service and discuss style and length of advertising copy.

 Write concise articles, bulletins, sales letters, speeches, and other related informative, marketing and promotional material.

Position text and art elements from a variety of databases in a visually appealing way to design print or web pages, using knowledge of type styles and size and layout patterns.

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