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Intern Abroad in China's most popular sectors!
Go Abroad China as the largest Internship provider in China, with over 13 years of experience, more than 600 established partnerships, over 2000 internship placements to choose from, GAC provides participants with invaluable and exciting experience through a China internship program. We are able to place interns into any sector at all.


We have over 14 distinctive sectors into which our interns are placed. These sectors are distinctive because they present volumes of opportunities and unending exposure and knowledge for Young graduates according to our industry survey conducted in 2013. We update our sectors list each year and eliminate the dying industries from our list. This means that any industry found on our site is vibrant. These companies present a platform for our internship participants to be duly mentored and offered practical experiences.




Our placement department and application review committee are knowledgeable people about trends and progress of each of these sectors. They evaluate participant’s expectations, career goals and areas of study and make a professional placement.


Over the years, our interns have developed a positive image and are noted for professionalism and hard work. This explains why most companies in China prefer to hire interns from China Internship Placements’ China Internship Program.


We recommend that participants contact our information desk or review team for more information: inquiry@goabroadchina.com. 



Engineering Internship


GAC Internship in China Program presents a platform for young graduates to consolidate and add to knowledge gained during study. It presents very updated technology exposure with huge multinational...

Marketing, PR & Media Internship


GAC China Internship Program offers International Internship opportunities for graduates into numerous sectors including Marketing. GAC’s Marketing Internships in China are the sure ways to launch...

International Trade Internship


GAC arrange International Trade Internships in China for participants looking to understand how trade is carried out between Chinese companies and their counterparts abroad.

Finance and Accounting Internship


GAC China internship features in the area of Accounting and Finance. Our Accounting and Finance internship program presents opportunities for interns to consolidate their...

Hospitality & Hotel Internship


GAC has arranged numerous Interns into five Star hotels and other companies in the travel and tourism industry. Our hospitality internships in China is a solid program...

IT & Telecommunication Internship


GAC’s IT internship in China program presents a golden opportunity for young graduates to gain experiences in China’s most important sector. GAC also places participants into telecommunication.

Legal & Paralegal Internship


A legal internship Program in china through China Internship Placements will enhance your legal professional skills.

Consultancy Internship


GAC China Internship Program presents a good platform got young graduates to get hands on experience being mentored..

Architecture & Real Estate


Real Estate and Architecture Internship Programs in China with our China Internship Program will equip you with the best practices of the industry. From consulting to Financing and Investments..

Medical & Pharmaceutical Internships


Get the opportunity to prove you’ve got it takes by joining our Healthcare and allied health internships in China where it matters most. Our program places interns into Hospitals for job shadowing a doctor...

NGO, Charities & CBO Internships


If you have been keenly following the development of social issues in China, you will have noticed that the Government’s priority is shifting towards equity and rights. Read more about these opportunities

Insurance & Risk Mgt Internship


GAC provide Insurance and Risk internships in China in our internship program. The program is based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dalian. Students from Economics, mathematics...

Logistics Internships


A transport and logistics internship in China will land interns in multinational organizations with the opportunity to gain hands- on experience about the Chinese logistics industry. There are volumes...


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