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Accounting and Finance Internship in China


Finance Internship Programs in China


We provide interns with high-profile placements in companies involved in venture capital, private equity,

accounting, financial analysis, portfolio and growth management.

GAC Finance Internship in China make arrangement for University, College Students as well as graduates into

multinational financial companies involved in venture capital, private equity, accounting, financial analysis,

portfolio and growth management. Be a finance intern in China and experience firsthand the force behind

China’s rapid growth and development as you gain experience and learn from successful financial experts.


Special Areas are:


o    Financial Analysis Internship


o    Asset Management


o    Investment Banking Internships


o    Mergers and Acquisitions 


o    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management


o    Financial Consultancy


o    Financial Research


o    Auditing


o    Tax


o    Compliance 





China's financial system is highly regulated and has recently begun to expand rapidly as monetary policy

becomes integral to its overall economic policy. As a result, banks are becoming more important to China's

economy by providing increasingly more finance to enterprises for investment, seeking deposit from the public

to mop up excess liquidity and lending money to the government. As part of US$586 billion economic stimulus

package of November 2008, the government is planning to remove loan quotas and ceilings for all lenders, and

increase bank credit for priority projects, including rural areas, small businesses, technology companies, iron

and cement companies.


GAC places interns with high profile companies involved in venture capital, private equity, accounting, finance

analysis, portfolio and growth management. By joining our GAC finance Internships, you will get the

opportunity to observe more about Asia's rapid growth and development while gaining experience by working

alongside successful professionals in private firms.





·         Chance of bringing on board fresh ideas and latest approaches and theories


·         Finance internships in China are great opportunities to launch your career


·         Get networked to experts in the field through mentoring and coaching


·         Work in international projects in wealth management and investment management


·         Work in the finest multinational as well as Fortune 500 organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and    other vibrant Chinese cities 


·         We offer you opportunity to get permanent jobs after that





In our Finance and Accounting Internship, you’ll find an opportunity to build skills, work with teams of talented

professionals. Whether you are a University or college student, graduate or MBA holder, you’ll be matched to

a suitable role consistent with your career expectation. Our Finance partner companies are willing to open their

doors for you to be part of their teams. 



What your duties will be:


·         Investment Portfolio Management


·         Work with cross-functional teams to execute strategic and operational plans


·         Provide business counsel, analysis and financial recommendations to assigned business segment or staff organization


·         Focus on business issues such as forecasting, brand management, new product development, capital investment, strategic planning, internal controls, and other operational issues, as well as assessing and managing risk


·         In an internship, address relevant business concerns through both individual and team-oriented projects


·         For full-time hires, potentially take on 2 to 3 assignments in different functional areas of Finance over a period of 2-4 years


·         Order investment proposals.


·         Run financial profiles on carriers.


·         Compare in-force investment proposals.


·         Transaction comps Industry reports


·         Thematic studies


·         Capital structure analysis


·         Financial benchmarking 

Other areas you can focus on:


·         Business Finance Counsel


·         Auditing


·         Business Finance Accounting


·         Other Finance Areas such as Corporate Accounting, Tax & Treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis

If you have any questions, please complete the form below. We will get back to you within 12 hours ( working day). Thank you!

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