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Xi’an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi province. The cuisine there is characterized by an array of cooking methods including deep fry, quick fry, steaming, braising etc; the food is mainly northern China type food; and finally the major flavors are sour, spicy and fragrant due to seasoning with salt, vinegar, capsicum and garlic. All sorts of snacks are also available in Xi’an – from noodles, desserts and dried foodstuffs. Some famous dishes in Xi’an include crumbled flatbread in mutton stew, dumplings, cold noodles with mustard and vinegar. Try some Chinese food as those mentioned here and see how you like it!  

Entertainment & Nightlife

Xi’an is a city that blends both Chinese culture and modern ways to give its visitors a memorable time. The Bell Tower area in the historical center of the city is a good place to visit; around it is an assortment of traditional Chinese restaurants, shopping malls and alleyways selling snacks. This area comes alive at night with bright neon lights and pedestrian movement; KTV places are also available for the young crowd looking for a good time. For a more relaxed form of entertainment, the city of Xi’an boasts many art shows, Chinese music, dance and opera.  As you mingle with other foreigners and Chinese people, you will additionally benefit and learn conversational Mandarin and some local phrases. 


As an increasingly influential city, Xi’an is well connected to other cities and provinces by air, road and rail. Its airport is the largest in northwestern China; besides domestic flights, the Xi’an airport also operates international flights to other big cities in Southeastern Asia. Most people in Xi’an rely on the metro, public buses and electric bikes to move from one place to the next. In recent years, traffic congestion has been growing steadily, with many more people purchasing private cars. 


Xi’an’s climate can be described as mild and temperate with four distinct seasons. Summers are usually hot and humid; winters are cold and dry with little snowfall; spring and autumn tend to be a bit more pleasant, with a fair amount of precipitation around September and October. 

Places to visit

The city has many important historical and cultural sites to visit; tourism is a vital component of Xi’an’s economy. It is without a doubt that most famous is Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum and his Terracotta Army in the city’s suburbs; the Bell and Drum towers, the ancient city wall; pagodas, gardens and mountain areas. The city also holds an annual Lantern Festival every winter on the city wall. Take a break from your intensive Chinese course and explore during your free time; there is plenty to see in Xi’an! 

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