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Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu Province in eastern China, so its style of food doesn’t deviate too much from the original Jiangsu Province cuisine. Nanjing traditional food tends to be bright colored, light flavored from modest seasoning though with a significant amount of oil. Some of the most famous Nanjing dishes are based on duck and river fish/shrimp. Examples include Nanjing salted duck, duck oil pancakes etc. Other specialty food can be found in special food shops. Of course it is still possible to find other types of food in Nanjing since it’s becoming such a vibrant city!   

Nightlife and Entertainment

As Nanjing city continues to grow, its nightlife and entertainment scene has also become more diverse. The Xinjiekou CBD area has seen the opening of many malls with all kinds of shops and leisure activities to do. The “Nanjing 1912” block and Shanghai Road area are similarly alive with both traditional and newly developed western restaurants, bars and clubs and are popular with the city’s international crowd. 


Like other big cities in China, Nanjing is served by rail, road and air links. Lukou International Airport in Nanjing serves both national and international flights; the railway provides easy accessibility to other cities and provinces. Public transport in Nanjing comprises of the metro, taxi and bus services, of which there are already plans in place to further expand the intra-city metro to accommodate all the traffic. 


Nanjing’s climate is humid and subtropical like. The four seasons are distinct, but is usually damp all year round due to the city’s location at the Yangtze River delta. Summers are hot and moist with temperatures usually rising to the high thirty degrees Celsius, winters are cold yet also damp. 

Places to visit

Nanjing has a lot to offer, especially on the cultural side. Some of the more popular places include one of China’s founding fathers’ mausoleum – The Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum; walk along the Qinhuai River, where the sides are lined with traditional Chinese buildings, or enjoy a cruise on this river; Chinese locals and foreigners alike all frequent the Confucius Temple area. Nanjing is the location of China’s third largest library; it is definitely worth it for any scholar! Besides all those, Nanjing is a green city with lush vegetation and lovely scenery; its parks and gardens are good places to stop by. With culture being such a big part of Nanjing, we have encouraged our chinese internship programs clients to explore this side; something different to their normal busy day routine at the offices. 

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