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Hangzhou cuisine is often regarded as the representative of the Zhejiang Provincial cuisine. Authentic Hangzhou food is characterized by fresh, sweet flavors; tender, soft textures and a mellow fragrance. It focuses on freshwater fish, eels and other seafood as well as a variety of vegetables. Some of Hangzhou’s most famous dishes include West Lake vinegar fish, Dongpo pork, Longjing shrimp, lotus root pudding etc. Of course there are always other options for visitors looking for more. Learning Chinese in China doesn't have to end in the classroom, learn more through food and meeting like-minded, interesting Chinese people. Great stories are always told when dining! 

Entertainment & Nightlife

Once the sun settles, the Hangzhou scene takes on another dimension; there is something for everyone! Boat rides or a stroll along the West Lake; Hefang Street, also called Qinghe Lane is the location of shopping excursions, there’s souvenirs, arts & craft pieces, snacks etc. Many restaurants and teahouses can also be found on both sides of the street. And of course, bars and clubs can be found around the Nanshan Road area for those looking for an upbeat experience. Take a break from the stress and demands of your China internship program and enjoy Hangzhou during the weekends. 


Hangzhou has an international airport that provides direct flights to many international, regional and domestic destinations; it is well connected to the National Railway System, linking it to many large cities via the high speed (bullet trains) and other average speed trains. Public transport is very efficient; there is the rapid bus system connecting the city center to the outer suburbs, an operational metro system though still undergoing further construction, taxis, electric scooters and bikes available for rent. 


Hangzhou’s climate is humid and subtropical, with all four different seasons. Summers tend to be quite long, hot and humid; winters are chilly, cloudy and at times can be dry with only sporadic snowfall. There are summer rains and occasional storms around June from the Asian Monsoon that hit Hangzhou due to its location. 

Places to visit

The West Lake is Hangzhou’s best tourist spot, and also a confirmed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adjacent to this lake are some historical Chinese pagodas, rolling hills and lush greenery. Other places of interest include the Hefang Street, which sells a variety of souvenirs and the famous Longjing (Green) tea; there are museums, a botanical garden and some other parks, perfect for those looking for a relaxed, soothing way to spend their time in Hangzhou. 

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