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While you live and study in Beijing, its best to be have some basic knowledge about the following:

  • Food

Without a doubt the most famous food to eat in Beijing is the “Peking Duck”; it is roasted and usually eaten with pancakes and other vegetables. Beijing being China’s capital city hasn’t got a specific type of cuisine, but rather is a melting point of cuisines from the surrounding provinces. Additionally, Beijing has a lot of exotic snacks to offer such as fried scorpions, gecko, starfish etc. For those with conservative taste buds, there is an array of proper western restaurants and fast food joints. 

  • Nightlife

In recent years, Beijing’s nightlife scene has become more vibrant and exciting; bars and nightclubs are buzzing with other foreigners and increasingly young Chinese people seeking to join the internationals. Popular places include Sanlitun, which has become very exclusive; Wudaokou area, which is popular with university crowds and Houhai – an ideal place for those looking for live music and perhaps a boat ride around the area during the summer time.  

  • Transport

Beijing is well connected by an extensive network of expressways divided into ring roads around the city center and its suburban areas, buses, taxis, as well as the subway, which has been hailed as one of the world’s largest and complex subway systems. Most people travel by subway; it’s fast and convenient, with the lowest fare costing 3 RMB but increases with the distance you travel. Due to a large population, travel peak times do see an increase in traffic congestion on the road, as well as crowing on the subway. Also, don’t be surprised by the large number of bicycles on the road each day, Beijingers use their bicycles to get around, who knows, maybe you will be one of them!  

  • Climate

Beijing’s climate is mostly dry, defined by hot and humid summers and cold, windy winters, with temperatures plunging on average to minus four or even below at times. Spring and Autumn are incredibly short; September and October have the most pleasant weather. Come during this time to do a summer internship in China, you will always remember it. 

  • Places to visit

Beijing has got an abundance of cultural places and other significant monuments to visit. The ones definitely worth seeing include The Forbidden City, regarded as the heart of Beijing’s history, Tian’anmen Square, The Great Wall, National Museum, the Summer Palace and many more parks and gardens. If you are part of our internships in Beijing group, or have joined the study abroad china programs, you will definitely have a chance to learn Chinese in China and visit these places with our staff! 

Use the chance to enjoy and learn China and all that comes with it. 

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