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Why Americans Have Embraced the Chinese Language

By 2016-05-17 GAC

Now more than ever, the Mandarin language has gained great popularity and thousands of students are signing up for Chinese language courses. In the USA, recent reports have shown that it is now becoming “cool” to be fluent in Chinese amongst many young people.


Although some people in towns with very few Chinese populations still consider learning Chinese as a luxury, many on the East and West coasts have embraced the idea of studying Chinese as a second language. Some people may wonder where can I learn Chinese? well options might be to learn Chinese by yourself, take online classes, join a GAC planned Shanghai study abroad program, if you are doing the internship in China for international students, you may have the option to take a few lessons too. 



On a larger level, China has been going through a dramatic rise in economic power and influence, as a result of this, many colleges and universities are encouraging their students to be better prepared linguistically and culturally for the ever-changing marketplace and increase their chances of landing high paying employment. As such, every year there is an influx of international students coming to the Far East to actually take Mandarin lessons in China through semester, summer or winter language programs.  The competition in the international job market is tough, the world economy has become much intertwined; many will do whatever it takes to come out ahead. Some Chinese courses in China are especially planned for international students, so this is also an avenue to explore. 



With thousands of American students visiting different Chinese cities every year, the prominent trend is doing an internship in China or continuing with their Chinese lessons abroad. Culture exchange is another advantage for such candidates. Many have admitted that after intense Chinese lessons over here, they notice “a bigger improvement in my speaking ability”, “more confidence and willingness to converse in Chinese” and “a fascinating experience and a better understanding of China after my visit.”


At Go Abroad China, we await the arrival of international interns and students who want a unique experience here in China, contact us anytime at inquiry@goabroadchina.com to get you arrangement.





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