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Using Wechat in China

By 2016-03-17 Go Abroad China

What is Wechat?

It is a mobile phone communication app service that is founded by Tencent and released in 2011 in China. It is one of the largest phone messaging apps out there and is available on the following phone systems: iPhone, android, blackberry and windows phone. Its Chinese name is ‘weixin’, meaning ‘micro message’.


What can Wechat do?

Instant Messaging

It includes text messaging, voice recorded messages, walkie talkie and, live video chats and stickers/emojis. In any message you send, you can attach picures, lucky money packages, location sharing, and videos or attach somebody’s namecard if recommending them to somebody else. Wechat is great at making friends, it also has a built in translation service to help you with languages you may not understand.


 Public Accounts

 Besides a personal account used to connect with friends, wechat also allows you  to create a public account and have customers or subscribers follow you for  news feeds, articles and for commerce. Records show that by 2015, the number  of wechat public accounts reached 8 million.



 Users can post pictures, screenshots, articles and music (from QQ music), all  these can be seen by only the viewers that are in the user’s personal contacts. nYou can comment or “like” on any posts in the moments section. 

If however you are looking for an educational way to use wechat, download Mandarin videos and other articles to help you with Chinese language learning. 



Wechat Payment

In China you can book and pay for your train or plane ticket via wechat. Money can also be transferred to other accounts, some restaurants and coffee shops have developed and allow for payment of bills via wechat.


Finding Friends

Wechat allows you to find friends by entering their phone number or username; you can also add them by finding them through email or any Google accounts. To find ‘friends’ nearby, you can hit the “shake” or “friend radar” and add new people to your contact list.




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