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The Value in Paying for an Internship

By 2014-07-27 GAC

Paying to intern can seem a strange concept to the uninitiated. Why should someone charge you to work for free? But this is a common misconception about interning abroad — the internship work is not what you are paying for.


This question flashes across the mind of nearly everybody who is intended to work in a company for a very low payment or no payment at all. So why are you supposed to pay for interning? The answer is strikingly simple. People are not surprised when they are charged for work of professional recruitment agencies that help you to land a job. Any internship placement agency is putting efforts into searching a suitable internship position. This process sometimes takes weeks of work.


But for an intern abroad program, placement is only a part of all the essential services that are provided. It often pays for the cost of your housing and transport, as well as your training, preparation and supervision. It also goes toward the identification of worthy projects and host organizations.


One of your biggest investments when paying to intern abroad is in your peace of mind—having someone there in case of emergency. A local election raises political tension in the area; an earthquake disrupts the transport system; or you simply fall ill the moment you arrive. These are all things you are better off dealing with when an organization is behind you.


On the example of the internship programs offered by Go Abroad China you can see what the program fee covers.



Go Abroad China offers you accommodation to stay from the moment you arrive, allowing you to focus on your work and studies.


Chinese Language Curriculum

You will be provided with 6 hours of Chinese classes per week with our professional teachers.


Visa Documentation

When enrollment is completed, participants are given the necessary visa support documents to apply for a visa to enter the People’s Republic of China.


Pre-departure assistance

Prior to your arrival to China, Go Abroad China offers professional and reliable information and assistance to help you resolve any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your program and life in China.


Welcome pack 

Includes local mobile phone, transportation card, city map, and other orientation materials.


Fun Activities

Go Abroad China regular weekend activities provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Chinese language and culture and simply to have fun.



Airport pickup and drop-off


Orientation upon Arrival

Local orientation materials and welcome dinner


24/7 Staff Assistance

Should any problems arise at any time during the programs, Go Abroad China staff members will be available on call anytime day or night


Certificate upon completion



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