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Summer Delight

By 2014-07-14 GAC

Summer is finally here! The weather is undeniably beautiful; the sun rises over a clear blue sky, warming up the country. It ushers in excitement, increased mobility and an overall thrilling need for new things to do. Dressing preferences have changed as usual. The day has so much to promise and it is worth waking up to experience. The ancient and historical sites in china are welcoming massive visitors. 


Most of our participants have arrived in China and the majority are based in Shanghai and the rest are in Beijing some few are also based in Nanjing for Chinese language programs. This year, it has been interesting sourcing over 70 participants distributed all over our programs. Our Internship placement program topped the list with more than 38 participants; Languages 20, High School and Gap Year recorded over 20 as well. This is an indication to us that many participants prefer Go Abroad China as an agent. Career centers are very relevant in recommending students to us and parents are very comfortable sending their wards to us.


As part of making sure that our participants get the awesome experiences, we organize activities like networking especially for those interning in China, short seminars, trips, dinner get togethers and other cultural immersion activities. In our previous article updated on the blog, we had a section of the participants especially those who arrived early have some activities.


Last weekend, we had several activities; these are not just random activities but are properly scheduled to fulfill the expectations of clients. A list of these activities includes dinner, Networking gatherings, Ice Breaking sessions, Dancing Activities and Cultural shows, Seminars, Craft making, kite design etc.



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