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Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

By 2012-12-31 GAC

Shanghai, often lauded as the Paris of the East, the city is full of interesting contradictions. The European style stately architecture of the Bund on the bank of the Huangpu River overlooks the modern, skyscraper filled Pudong area on the opposite shore. The leafy, peaceful avenues of the French concession, where tiny Viennese style cafes hide quietly behind wrought iron railings, back onto busy shopping streets, where well-dressed women indulge in high-end fashion. Shanghai is perhaps the most decadent outpouring of modern Chinese; yet it is precisely this blend of modern and historical which makes it the perfect place to learn Chinese in China.


It cannot be claimed that Shanghai has quite the dusty historical aspects of Beijing or Xi’an. If you study Mandarin in Shanghai, you won’t be visiting city walls or palaces, but that doesn’t mean the city lacks its own historical charms. Shanghai originated as a humble fishing village, but within the space of just fifty years became one of the most recognizable cities in the world, and was the first Chinese port city to be opened to foreign trade. This heralded an era of 1920s expat elegance and decadence; imagine lipsticked women drinking gin slings in exclusive jazz bars, and sharply dressed men having business meetings over strong coffee. By enrolling at a Shanghai Mandarin School, you too will be able to experience a little of this socialite era. Though World War Two proved a dark period in the city’s history, with the Japanese invasion and occupation crushing much of the freedoms the city had previously enjoyed, during the post war era, the city was rejuvenated. The blend of skyscraper skyline and European architecture is as much a testament to Shanghai’s individual history as it is to the visionaries who created it.


If you are wondering how to learn Chinese in this city, Go Abroad China's options include enroling you into a university, or a Shanghai languge school. through homestay accommodation with a great combination of cultural activities to attend.


If you choose to study Mandarin in Shanghai, you will have the opportunity to enrol in one of the best universities in China- Jiaotong University, which was founded in 1896. Go Abroad China’s comprehensive study program allows you to stay with a Shanghai family, which makes studying Mandarin in Shanghai even more interesting! Moreover, our wide range of cultural electives and tours gives you the chance to develop other skills such as Chinese painting, or Martial Arts. So why not apply today? The charms of the ‘Paris of the East’ are waiting…



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