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By 2015-03-26

Internship is an amazing opportunity to kick-start your career. But how to make sure you are going to get the maximum benefits from this opportunity? According to Bloomsberg Businessweek “To find a fit, experts suggest that students consider their career aspirations and personal likes and dislikes to figure out as closely as possible what an ideal employment situation would look like”.

To help you solve this problem we would like to discuss the most important questions you might have.


Big Company VS Small Company:


The opportunity to intern in a huge world wide known corporation does look appealing. But the reality is that big companies tend to treat interns less seriously than middle-sized ones. So if you are considering gaining real work experience it would be reasonable to apply for a position in a company with a smaller amount of employees. This way you can make sure you will get a lot of tasks to fulfill, and gain the experience respectively.


Full-time Employment Opportunities:


Some companies are looking for interns to participate in short or long-term projects. Such positions will leave you with zero chances for full-time employment. If you are going to intern abroad, it’s better to choose a company with stable overseas partners. That would mean they need foreign staff all the time. Some of the companies state that they will be considering employment opportunities for interns.


Duration of Internship Program:


It totally depends on your goals. One month would be quite enough to enliven your resume with overseas working experience. But if you really want to get more benefits from your internship, it would be reasonable to choose at least three months program. Long-time internships have several advantages. First of all, you will be able to learn more, as your employer will see you as a team member, not just a random passer-by. Therefore you will be entrusted with more difficult and important tasks. Another significant thing is that those who intern for longer time get more opportunities to be offered a full-time contract.



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