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Overarching Relevance of Internships

By 2014-03-13

If there is one thing you learned on the first day of your freshman year, it was the importance of having resources and the value in knowing how to use them. Indeed, knowing where to turn when you need something is just as important as having what you need in the first place. If resourcefulness is a measure of value, then knowing where to turn might even be more useful than possessing the knowledge first hand. And college internships are great for this and also remember the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”.


College Internships: The Ultimate Social Network Advantage


The importance of internships to college students in terms of networking and gaining new resources cannot be understated. In addition to gaining great experience to complete your classroom learning, college internships allow you to beef up your portfolio or resume and make valuable industry contacts that can be essential to landing the ideal job upon graduation


Building a network of “who you know” through college student internships can pay great dividends upon graduation. By remembering the social aspect of making contacts with people while working at college internships, you can help to ensure that. If good contacts are with other organizations by the time you graduate, you will then have an “in” at those other organizations in addition to the organizations where you got involved with actual college internships, so get in there and mingle.


Make it a point to meet as many people as possible. Learning about someone as a person can be as valuable as learning about what his or her job entails. Social gatherings with co-workers after hours or on weekends are great ways to network and build meaningful bonds that make the most of college internships. Remember the value of college internships often lies in the people with whom you will work with.


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