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New homestay

By 2015-08-02

Go Abroad China has a variety of housing options to suit different tastes which include three forms like, homestay with a Chinese host family, a shared apartment and private apartment. Besides survey says that homestay might be the best choice for most participants - you get to speak Mandarin Chinese -  of ours during the 10 years, you could improve your conversational Chinese and enjoy traditional Chinese life with the family and it’ll be a best selection for whom they love Chinese culture. Accommodation is guaranteed for the duration of your study or internship time in China while GoAbroadChina has amounts of excellent homestay in Beijing & Shanghai which were going through the rigorous selection procedure. Let me introduce some new cooperative families in Beijing for your reference and that is my pleasure to make them know you and your thoughts:


* Mrs. Peng, who is a professional accountant in Beijing who is living together with her husband presently. They could communicate in fluent English and hope the foreigner who they’re gonna live with speaks native English, cleans his own housework and lives without smoking, drinking, staying out late.


* Mr. Liang is a manager. His wife and him can speak English and their son is learning in a English teaching school. Because they have a child in home so they prefer to receive a foreigner who is a local English speaker and easygoing without smoking and drinking.


* Mrs. Ai and her husband are working at private enterprises, they have a 10-year son and can speak English. Basic requirments of receiving foreigner will be coming from Europe or North America who is good at communicating without bad habbits.



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