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KTV with GAC Participants

By 2014-12-05 GAC

The worst situation an individual could find himself in is to be myopic in this day and time. The 21st century dawned on us with globalization agenda, which requires graduates with international touch and diverse opinions to analyze problems and prescribe proper solutions. In our previous article, we argued why international internships are vital and should be considered ahead of local internships despite its cost. The best International Internship exposes participants to various dimensions of life and cannot be complete without cultural immersion.


 No one can understand why people believe what they believe and do what they do without wearing the shoes they wear


Learning Mandarin in China should not be just about the textbooks; this is why we invited our clients our for an afternoon of Chinese ktv followed by dinner. I will tell you a little history about KTV and why it has sunk deep into the cultural fiber of Asians.  Asians are known for hard work and putting in longer working hours, which comes with repetitive tasks and boring job roles. After a hard day’s work, workers yearn to have a place to play all the “nonsense games” which they believe will help them offload the stress and pressure.


So then the idea of KTV was invented to handle all the outrageous stuff that the “bad guys” want to do or see others do when they feel pressured. Asians have come to love this and will most likely continue to do so. It has become a hang out place for good friends and as well networking grounds.You get famous at the KTV when you can sing pretty well. Foreigners who wish to impress their Chinese girl friends could easily try this tactic and it works 200%. With this backdrop, Go Abroad China decided to treat our participants to a stress- releasing segment at the KTV.


It was the weekend of November the 14th when the Go Abroad China program coordinators gathered all the program participants for a memorable evening Beijing style…a KTV experience! It was a lovely experience; program participants got a chance to see the normally very professional organizers relax and showcase their singing abilities to a medley of Chinese pop songs, one after another. The program participants also enjoyed this introduction into one of the most popular, favorite pastime activity of young Chinese people. It was a fun experience, everybody got a chance to sing, the English old pop songs received massive cheers and even those who clearly wouldn’t think of singing in public had a go! It was fascinating as some participants mentioned that in their countries, karaoke isn’t as popular as it is here in China and they really would not go out for a karaoke/KTV night. Evidently there’s a first time for everything especially in China and we are glad everybody had a really good time!!

I will keep you updated with more cultural insights into our activities.



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