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1. How long can they intern in my company? 
It depends on the duration of their programs which range from 1 to 6 months, a large majority will opt for summer internships in China. 

2. What about insurance and security concerns?
Go Abroad China requires all interns to make sure they have insurance coverage from their own countries or if their policy does not cover the trip to China, then they will purchase insurance on arrival in China.

3. How much we should pay for the interns? 
Strictly speaking, there is no set salary but we suggest that your company provides some basic allowance for lunch and transportation and perhaps a performance based salary (if applicable) to help increase their dedication towards work. Generally speaking, paid internships in China are in high demand. 

4. Should we sign an agreement with your company or with the interns once cooperation is in place?
An agreement contract will be signed with Go Abroad China.   

5. How do we handle visa issues?  
Go Abroad China usually recommends an “F”, “L” or “M” visa; usually the time duration is between 3 to 6 months and where applicable, your input might be needed.

6. Do the interns speak Chinese?
It differs from person to person but the majority do not speak Chinese as their lives are based in their original home countries, which is why we advise your company to have an English speaking supervisor to communicate directly with the intern. But if you are interning in international business, do some little homework about names of countries in Chinese. 

7. Which schools do the interns come from?
Usually the interns that we refer to you have received a good education and attend reputable universities in America, Europe and many others across the world.  

8. How long does it take for the interns to start at the company?
Normally a month is usually sufficient time for us (Go Abroad China) to arrange the intern’s trip to China including their accommodation, visa, arrival procedures, getting around and finally accompanying them to the company for a first meeting.

9. What kind of companies do you cooperate with? 
We co-operate with big multinationals as well as local companies situated in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc. We cooperate with companies involved in the sectors of IT, architecture, tourism, finance, law, marketing, graphic/web design, journalism, consulting, business development etc.

10. How should we interview an intern? 
Usually when your company wants to interview a potential intern, we will connect you to them via skype or directly through telephone call.   

11. As a partner company, can I directly fire an intern if I feel that their work performance is lacking? 
Firstly, we always advise that the intern’s supervisor directly talks to the intern about any concerns, and suggest ways in which the intern can improve. A lot of problems arise mainly with the cultural difference between the foreign worker and the Chinese managers. So the initial way to solve any problems would be through proper dialogue to avoid miscommunication. All supervising personnel should be aware of differences in the way of thinking for foreigner in comparison to Chinese people.

However, if more serious problems persist, your company can get in touch with us and plan a way forward together to resolve any issues.

12. How much does all of this cost? 
We recommend interns with no charge, but we encourage companies to offer a monthly allowance to the interns based on their qualifications and the companies’ standards.  

13. What kind of candidates do you provide? 
Our professionally trained team will select and introduce graduates and young professionals coming from around the world and specializing in various areas (IT, architecture, tourism, finance, law, international relations, PR, sales, marketing, graphic/web design, journalism, etc). 
If your requirements are not met there is no obligation to accept the candidate.  

14. How does the hiring process work? 
Step 1: We set up a meeting in your office to assess your needs and together we prepare an internship description; 
Step 2: With your approval, we post your internship offer on our website and start gathering a few candidates best suited to the specific position and relay the information back to you.  
Step 3: If your company is interested in a profile, we help set up a telephone or Skype interview
Step 4: After both parties agree to the internship, we prepare for your future intern’s arrival taking care of all practical aspects (visa advice, accommodation, insurance etc 
Step 5: We escort the intern to your company on his/her 1st day of work. You can focus on the internship; we take care of all the rest. 

If you have any questions, please complete the form below. We will get back to you within 12 hours ( working day). Thank you!

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