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FAQ about Internships

By 2013-09-09 GAC

Joining an internship abroad program is an important decision. There are plenty of questions that can come up to your mind when considering this opportunity. When it comes to interning in China, we have outlined the concerns that most of our program participants have to help you to have a better understanding of our programs. Hopefully it will be helpful!


1. Why intern in China?


With its fast pace of economic development, China has become the base for many international companies, leaders in their industries. That is why young people looking for work experience in an international team and world known organization are seeking for opportunities in China. Another reason for choosing China as an internship abroad destination is the growing popularity of Chinese language. Combination of internship placement and language classes provided by Go Abroad China is the best way to make your abroad experience really meaningful.


2. What qualifications do I need?


Applicants for Internship Program should be above 18 years old. Fluency in English is a must while proficiency in Chinese is not required. Go Abroad China accepts students and college graduates. Major in a related field is preferable. Each company provides an English-speaking supervisor for interns to coordinate their work and communication with the rest of the team, to create assignments and hold evaluation.


3. What visa do I apply for?


In accordance with laws of People’s Republic of China, participants should apply for F visa for interning in China. Go Abroad China will provide an invitation letter that participants can use for visa application. For long-term programs F visa will be extended before its expiration.


4. Do I get paid?


It is possible to get a paid internship in China through us. Most of Go Abroad China’s partner companies provide compensation to help intern cover their transportation, meals and other daily expenses.


5. What are the start dates, program duration, and application deadlines?


Internship Program is very flexible and start date can be set according to participant’s schedule. Recommended program duration is 3 to 6 months. Many companies are unwilling to accept short-term interns in spite of their qualifications. The reasons is that upon the start of the program employers usually hold a serious training for interns to make their work more efficient and want to make sure that after the training an intern will be able to commit enough time for finishing a project. Joining a company for a longer term will also increase your chances for getting a full time employment offer once your internship is finished. The placement procedure and visa application take about two months. So it is a good idea to apply 2-3 months prior to the preferable start date.


6. Shall I do my internship as a freshman or a graduate?


Undertaking an internship as a freshman might seem too early. But today the competition is high not only for landing a job, but even an internship position. Employers set higher requirements each year. And now if you are seeking for an internship in a big reputable company having a previous working experience is a must. So interning in your first years in college might be a good idea just as well.


7. What is internship work like?


In the beginning of your internship you are very likely to be assigned to day-to-day tasks as data collection and analysis. As an intern you are not likely to get project management responsibilities once you enter the company. The key point of a successful internship is proving yourself as a responsible and able employee. Be patient and complete boring routing tasks you might be given in the beginning of your internship. Once your supervisor sees your diligence you will be getting more and more meaningful tasks.



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