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Chinese Calligraphy Class

By 2013-12-19 GAC

The history of Chinese calligraphy is as long as that of China itself. Calligraphy is a special category in China’s world of fine arts and one of the most challenging Chinese art forms for a foreigner to appreciate or master. Since all of our program participants are not afraid of challenges, Go Abroad China organized a calligraphy class this weekend. 


Two of our new program participants joined us for this Chinese culture class and had a great time dipping into traditional Chinese culture. For our program participants who have never tried this before, this class is a mental exercise that coordinates their mind and body and need 100% of concentration.


In order for our program participants to produce Chinese characters, Go Abroad China staff prepared Chinese brush, ink stick, paper and ink stone, commonly referred to as the “Four Treasures of the Study”. According to an old Chinese saying, “the way characters are written is a portrait of the person who writes them.” Calligraphy is a reflection of a person’s emotions and character. Just take a look at their final work, you can tell what kind of people they are, regardless of the fact that one of them is holding it the wrong way. After the class, our clients got to order food in Chinese and have dinner together; their interest in traditional Chinese culture has reached a new level and everyone is excited to see what is waiting for them next weekend.



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