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Chinese Breakfast Food Horoscope

By 2016-03-14 Goabroadchina

You probably know about the ‘usual’ Chinese horoscope and all the zodiac animals that go with it. Well this time around, horoscopes take a different turn! Let’s see what your go-to Chinese breakfast food says about you. We selected some common Chinese foods in China: 


Youtiao&Doujiang (fried dough stick & soy milk)

You grab life by the greasy horns and ingest anything and everything China has to offer. Bold, daring, a true Gryffindor at heart, you are not afraid of falling into the “gutter” if it means adventure and a few extra pounds.


Baozi (steamed dumplings)

You are the life of the party who takes baozi-sized bites out if any opportunity. Your heart screams “bro” and you love both the start-up and university scene here. The crowded paths of China are difficult to navigate though, so try not to elbow too many people on your elevator ride to success. Dumplings are definitely among the most important food in China culturally; when you first learn Chinese food, dumplings are at the top of the list! 


chadan (boiled eggs)

You are more thoughtful and patient than your peers, though you live in a state of longing…for what? Nostalgia is sweet but more salty than anything, and having to wash those messy hands every morning may only slow you down.


Zhou (porridge)

You are a kind of refined, cultural entrepreneur, though you can be a bit bland and off-putting at times. You rarely add any ‘lajiao’ (spice) to your physical and spiritual endeavors, but calmness is without a doubt a virtue.


Americano & Breakfast Sandwich

Bitter, perhaps because you once had a bite of adventure but unfortunately found it unpleasant. You are quick to yell at Chinese people in English or some other European language secretly hoping to only be misunderstood.


Home cooked breakfast


Birds were singing when you were born, and you tackle PM 2.5 with a bright smile and the best mask money can buy. Only a few know that your closet is filled with the skeletons of past baozi and youtiao, however do not worry; your tough but put together exterior is what people notice most.


Stale baozi/broken chadan and a latte from family mart

You are a mess – get cleaned up, clear your mind and get going on a better path!


No Breakfast

You take a lot of cigarette breaks and none of your clothing seems to actually fit right. You live in the non-existent bike lane, but remember that a helmet is always a good, worthy investment.


Jianbing (fried pancake)

You are one with the Middle Kingdom (China) and post on wechat exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. Winter is here and the cosmos warn you to calm your jianbing inclinations before you lose all your friends.


Source: chinawire





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