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China Travel Made Easy – Tips to Prepare Your China Trip

By 2015-07-10 GAC

China is a country with a long and illustrious history, colourful ethnic traditions, cultures and sumptuous cuisine, besides its breathtaking natural, food, music and historical landmarks, and many others. These are some of the reasons why China is a very popular destination for visitors from all over the world.


No matter what brings you to China, it is important that you get yourself well prepared so that you know what to bring and what to expect during your exciting trip. The following useful information and advice about China travel would help inform you about how you should go about preparing for your trip.


Packing essentials

Packing the right essential items has never been more important as you prepare for your exciting China trip. You should always pack according to the specific time of the year and your destination when you visit China.


To prepare for walking long distances in attractions such as the Great Wall of China, a good pair of walking shoes would help you traverse difficult terrain such as long flights of steps. To shield yourself from the elements in exposed areas like the Forbidden City, have an umbrella or raincoat handy. The sweltering summer might see an increase in insects which you can keep away with insect repellant. The most important thing to remember is to dress appropriately and adequately for the season and destination.


Shopping in China

The various regions and cities have their very own specialty products. Hence it is wise not to purchase everything in the first few days of your trip if you are visiting these different regions. For instance, you can get mounted butterflies in Yunnan and silk carpets in Shanghai. Bargaining is common in China and even encouraged if you want to get the best prices for the products you wish to purchase.


Food, glorious food!

No other country elicits strong reactions in its cuisine like China. With a diverse array of regional cuisines that utilize the different parts of plants and animals, be prepared for a gourmet experience like no other. Nonetheless, the many different styles of cooking and preparation result in gourmet masterpieces that are unique to each region. That is the alluring appeal of Chinese cuisine. Tipping is not necessary for most cases, although a service charge will be levied in some restaurants.


How to keep yourself safe

You may be able to enjoy safety in most of China and expect hospitable treatment by the locals. However, as in any other country, do beware of pickpockets in crowded places by not showing off your flashy accessories and by securing your bags and pouches prominently where you can see them. As a foreigner, you also have to take precaution not to fall for scams by being alert and walk away if somebody who looks suspicious tries to approach you.


What you should know when getting around by yourself.

Exploring by yourself without getting lost need not be hard if you follow these tips. Keeping your hotel room card with you wherever you venture is helpful in getting directions back to your hotel should you get lost. Taking a taxi need not be a chore even though taxi drivers are generally unfamiliar with the English language. You just need to have your destination and its address written down and show it to your driver.



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