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Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) - Overview

Learn Chinese in Beijing at BLCU was founded in 1962 with the name Higher Preparatory School for Foreign Students. In June 1964, it was then renamed to Beijing Language Institute. In June 1996, with approval from the Chinese Ministry of Education, it became known as Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), a name that still sticks today. BLCU is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching Mandarin Chinese and culture to non-Chinese individuals, then other foreign languages, computer science & technology, finance & accounting to Chinese students. This is one of our top preferred schools for semester programs in China; intensive Mandarin courses in Beijing are popular here. 

BLCU attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. Following the example of China as a country building relations with numerous other foreign countries, BLCU itself is increasingly building cooperation and encourages cultural exchange and has now partnered with 157 universities from 31 countries around the world.  With its solid influence in education, Educational institutions and training organizations of various kinds in approximately 100 countries have adopted the text books of teaching Chinese as foreign language published by the BLCU press.  

Regardless of which corner of the world you come from, at BLCU you are almost always guaranteed to meet someone from your own country. The campus is vibrant; atmosphere is highly fitting and offers arguably the best Chinese language course in Beijing, which is why you need to be ready to live the language Beijing. The campus location is in Wudaokou, a melting pot for foreign students all with one purpose: to learn Chinese! While the standard of teaching is equal to Peking or Tsinghua universities, the workload on the other hand is not as intense, making it an ideal choice for individuals who besides traditional classroom learning, would also be interested in seeing what more the city can offer. Find out more about what it’s like to live and study in Beijing

Should you feel like you want another choice in Beijing part from BLCU, then look towards Peking or Tsinghua University. Mandarin Beijing programs are still the number one choice! 



  • No.1 University for teaching Chinese to foreigners in China
  • Popularizes Chinese language and promotes Chinese culture since 1962
  • Over 1425 full time staff including 829 teaching posts
  • Has already welcomed more than 60,000 students from over 160 countries and regions
  • Unique Chinese courses in China
  • Impressive alumni

Transcripts & Certification

Upon successful completion of your language program at BLCU, you will receive an official certificate and results transcript from the university, which are accepted by most universities around the world. Successful completion requires an 80% attendance rate and passing grades for the exams and overall course. Once you have completed the course, Go Abroad China will provide you with all the necessary documentation and assistance for credit transfer.

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