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5 Important Things that Lure Foreigners to China

By 2016-01-22

Business & Entrepreneurship

The commonest business activity that foreigners come to China for would be to engage in trade – buying goods from Chinese manufactures and suppliers and selling back in their home countries. Others look for ways to penetrate the Chinese market and bring their goods over to the mainland. Of course no business activity can successfully go on without a valuable network of contact inside China. To go with this, many workers actually take a Chinese business course to help them in their jobs. 

Other types of business activities include financial investments by very wealthy individuals; they mainly work with the stock market in cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong etc.



Undoubtedly very popular with young people, Chinese local universities have been accepting foreign students. Besides normal specialization courses, they further design Mandarin language courses for the international student who wants to learn Chinese. Education has become a lucrative business with the springing up of agencies, Mandarin language schools and freelance language tutors – the whole study abroad industry. Go Abroad China also engages in this sector.




This type of adventure is not really travelling, but largely refers to those who leave their home countries temporarily to just get away from their routine lives. They come to China seeking a break, figuring out what they want to do in life and think coming to the Far East for something totally different will lead them to figuring out what to do next.





China is vast and very diverse and very ideal for the backpacker or really anyone seeking adventure. Go across country by train, or if you want to really get out of your comfort zone then arrange to travel by overnight buses, that will definitely be memorable!







Here you have internationals that relocate because of their long-term employment and careers. Usually they work for big corporations, very established companies or maybe as lectures. For them, a stay in China might be long but it’s still temporary as they are probably on contract with their employer. Their quality of life is usually quite high even in China, it is hard to find them mingling with young crowds in popular joints around the city.  On a more basic level, paid internships in China have become widely available; we are seeing more and more international students willing to take an internship abroad. 


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