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Go Abroad China is a 13-year-old organization devoted to fostering international understanding through Learn Chinese in china, and internship in China programs. Our company is one of the biggest Global Internship Placements and Chinese language teaching providers. 

Starting in 2003 now we have 13 years of experience in study Chinese and china internship placement.

Over 4000 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from over 80 countries have

Our unique programs offer an 'all-in-one solution' for you, We work with over 600 companies

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We have over 14 distinctive sectors into which our interns are placed. These sectors are distinctive because they present volumes of opportunities and unending exposure and knowledge for Young graduates according to our industry survey conducted in 2013. We update our sectors list each...


GAC A best suitable professional China internship program with salary guaranteed, Choose between 14 diverse sectors and start building your professional career today!


Intern Abroad in China's most popular sectors! Go Abroad China as the largest Internship provider in China, with over 13 years of experience,


Engineering Internship in China! GAC China Internship program presents a platform for young graduates to consolidate and add to knowledge gain

Marketing, PR & Media

Marketing PR & Media Internship in China: Featuring Marketing, PR and Media   GAC Marketing internships in China can lead

International Business &Trade

International Business and Trade International Trade and Business Internship in China Go Abroad China arrange International Trade Internshi

Finance Internship in China

Accounting and Finance Internship in China   Finance Internship Programs in China   We provide interns with high-profile

Architecture & Real Estate

Architecture & Real Estate Architecture Internship & Real Estate Placements With GAC Real Estate and Architecture Internship Progra


Consultancy Consulting Internship in China! Consultancy in China is gradually becoming a hot area to practice just like the IT sector, it a

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality Internships in China     Hotel Internship in China   GAC has arranged numerous Interns into at some

Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance & Risk Insurance & Risk Management Internships:   GAC provides Insurance and Risk intern

IT Internship

IT & Telecommunication GAC’s IT internship in China offers IT/Telecommunication internships in China as programmers, designers, analy

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Our unique programs offer an 'all-in-one solution' for you, with best value price and good service guaranteed.

Customer Feedback

4000+ western students chose GAC, who have typically enjoyed participating in a useful China experience while gaining a more immersive opportunity to explore their heritage.

  • Tuan

    How are you? This is my feedback on the experience. Living and working in Beijing really opened my eyes. The people are extremely nice and helpful. During work, even though there is a huge language barrier, my colleagues do try to communicate with me and the manager was able to organise me to learn from different departments. I was able to m

  • Chris

    My time in China has been extremely rewarding. When I arrived, the culture shock was immense but I quickly settled into Chinese life, thanks to Gina and the GAC team. My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me the opportunity to work in a fantastically social co-working space in the heart of Sanlitun SOHO, a cosmopolitan an

  • Haley

    My overall trip: very good, I came to Shanghai. I learned a lot and meet amazing people. I feel more confident in myself and my career. My company: It’s a good company, and it is as work beneficial as I’d hoped. Many tasks were much related to marketing, and that’s what I expected. The people were all very ni

  • Tanya

    My name is Tanya, a new graduate from Australia. My proficiency of Chinese before doing the program was almost non-existent. I chose to do the full internship package at Qingdao. My finance internship was at a company called Lujinsuo of roughly 60 employees. The internship job duty included the typical financial jobs you would expect &n

  • Lea

    The Chinese school was at an appropriate pace and the content of what we learnt could be applied to daily situations which was effective for practising Mandarin. 4 weeks from learning Chinese intensive classes is supper effective and useful for me. I think I will attend GAC's one semester or year University Chinese program in BLCU in 2018.

  • David

    Overall I enjoyed my experience with GAC. I was pleased with the amount of knowledge I learned and the new experiences I went through during my internship as a financial analyst at a finance company which GAC found on my behalf. The internship made me realize how fast things move in the finance industry and I feel it has prepared me well for the

  • Wesley

    My name is Wesley. I first came to China for the language specifically and got the chance to go to Peking Univesity Chinese program and study for half a year. I am now currently interning at Vericant, in Beijing China, an IT company focused on carrying out  video assessments for chinese students applying to study abroad.   Applying

  • Tshidi

    I did my internship at a Public Relations company called Storymaker in Beijing. I chose GAC because when I was searching for international internships, they are the company I first came across and it said they were the best at arranging such internships. The team was really helpful up until I got to China, the activities were also great as it wa

  • Daniela

    I am currently in the middle of my internship in hospitality, I am located in the city of Wuxi in Southeastern China. I am working at the Millenium Hotel, wich is a 5 Star falling under Mellinium and Copthorne Hotels with many branches all over Europe and northern America. I am a Guest Relations officer here and a lot of my daily tasks are about

  • Tai Bridges

    My program was one month long; I took the small group Mandarin Program in Beijing. I would say definitely that my confidence when speaking Chinese has increased even after spending just a few weeks studying in Beijing. I had already learned some Chinese before for 3 years back in high school, so this was just a continuation and a chance for me t

  • Laura Mc Alister

    Go aboard China was the one of the best things to happen to me!!! I did the homestay program where I stayed with the cutest family they were so kind to me!!! Kinder then the family I have now lol I actually miss them and think of them often even though it's been a few months since I left the program. I also got to work in an amazing engineer

  • Susie Lee

    I had a wonderful experience in Beijing, China. Coming from Australia I did not know the Chinese language or culture at all, however, the staff at Go Abroad China were super helpful from Day 1 and helped me to make the transitions easier. The internship company was more than I wished for-- great work environment, friendly atmosphere and a suppor

  • Catherine

    Really happy about my decision of going to Beijing for 2 months in order to prepare myself for the HSK 4! I am pretty sure that I would have never been able to learn that much if I would have taken private classes in Germany. The fact that I was actually going to my Chinese classes and also living in Beijing made me practice the language a lot.

  • Diogo

    Living in one of the most crowded city in the world and being able to go to work in a little tuk-tuk every morning is just a normal thing in Beijing. Everything is so different from Portugal and that's why I think I really enjoyed my 6 months in China. I have experienced so many things that I will never forget! I met people from all around t

  • Ashley

    I did the internship program with GAC for 3 months. I used to work in a consulting company that was in charge of helping foreign businesses that wanted to develop their market in China. My colleagues were from China, United States and France. Working in a multicultural environment has taught me so much! As a member of the business development te

  • Alice

    Shanghai is the city to be: shopping, great restaurants, nightclubs, a lot of foreigners... Seriously how can you hate Shanghai? I personally think it's impossible! I had the time of my life in Shanghai and met so many people. I am pretty sure I'll go back in few years.   I did a three-month internship in a 5 star hotel. I l

  • Rebecca Robinson

    I had a great experience with GAC and BLCU short term Chinese program in Summer. Before coming to China I couldn't speak Mandarin at all and had in mind that it was the most difficult language ever. Now, I can have small daily conversations with Chinese people and I am so proud of myself! University Chinese program is very effective for you

  • Pham Quang

    For the internship program, I decided to live with a Chinese family. The apartment was located in a wealthy neighborhood and close to a subway station, which was very convenient for me. The family members were really friendly and always willing to help me whenever I needed it. As for the internship, I was surprised to see the amount of responsib

  • Adam

    I came to China for the Internship Program and spent 2 months in the capital. I decided last minute to come to China. I was supposed to travel for 2 months in Asia but my traveling partner could not come anymore and I did not want to be alone traveling. So I decided to enroll myself in the GAC internship program because I knew I was going to mee

  • David

    I worked as a project design consultant for a start-up company in Beijing. My colleagues were all very friendly with me and helped me a lot in adapting to the business culture. The people that I worked with were very patient and took the time to explain me how to avoid any cultural misunderstandings that could scuttle any of the company's de

  • Anna

    I would definitely recommend ‘Go abroad China’ without a once of hesitation, they give you just the correct balance between freedom and their fun organized events. You can always get in touch with any of them if you need help which is very reassuring. The coordinators are fantastic people that I had the chance to meet around good Chi

  • Clément

    The first day that I arrived in Chengdu, I felt intimidated. Chinese people were looking at me like if I was an alien or a famous actor. It was actually a bit weird and overwhelming at the same time. A lot of people would stop me in the streets and ask me if they could take a selfie with me. I did not really understand why they wanted to have a

  • Eric

    I had a fairly positive experience with GAC. I lived with a young Chinese professional (no English) and studied 6 hours a day with a tutor provided by GAC. I would recommend it if you really plan to improve your Mandarin level. Accommodation was great. I had everything that I needed. I had a small living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 k

  • Oliver

    20 people coming from different countries, learning Mandarin together in a small group class from Monday to Friday: that’s the spirit! The two months in Jiaotong University were just crazy! I was not expecting that at all. I had so much fun learning and living the life in Shanghai that I did not want to leave. People were great and teacher

  • Joshua

    A number of things contributed to making my internship such a fantastic experience. First of all, as I chose the home stay option, I was living with a Chinese family in a typical Beijing apartment. The family was very kind and provided assistance to me where they could. Secondly, the internship position itself and the company I worked

  • Fabiola

    I came to Beijing for 3 a month Internship, because I wanted to improve my career prospects and study Chinese. I have to say that I am very satisfied with my experience and also GAC's assistance. Even though I came in China alone, I knew that there was an organization that could help me with everything: visa, accommodation and also the cultu


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