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Go Abroad China Special Offer

Recommend GAC

If you think our listed range of programs might appeal to your friends, family and colleagues, then refer them to us and you and them can all enjoy a discount of 3% from your total program fee.

Furthermore, if you can actively work with us to recruit new applicants and clients to join our summer internships in China, spread the word about our organization; you will be able to commission on the combined efforts and new clients that you introduce. Please check our Overseas Partners or contact us at inquiry@goabroadchina.com for more details.

Discount for Full Payment of program fee

We offer a 2% discount for anyone that makes the full program fee of the Go Abroad China internship cost. 

Joining GAC for a 2nd time

If you would like to experience China and join our paid internships in China for a second time, you will automatically receive a USD $400 scholarship for a Go Abroad China semester program; or a USD $200 scholarship towards a short-term program.

Other available incentives for applicants with a limited budget include:

  • Several components of the Go Abroad China programs are optional; therefore we can devise a customized program plan based on your needs and budget situation.
  • Your Go Abroad China program coordinator can help arrange a part-time English teaching job to supplement your income.
  • Low cost or free accommodation may be available if you are willing to teach English to your Chinese host family.
  • A GAC scholarship is available for applicants who can meet the qualification requirements.


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