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Cultural Festival at BLCU

By 2016-05-19 GAC

Another year, another successful international cultural festival at the Beijing Language and Culture University. This year’s festival marked the 13th celebration of international cultures converging in China; besides its Mandarin Language Program, BLCU is also famous for hosting this annual cultural extravaganza. 


With this year’s theme of “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”, the festival saw a staggering 91 different countries displaying their cultures; the highest number since the festival started thirteen years ago. When you study Mandarin in Beijing, you could be a part of this annual celebration too. 



The event is marked by colorful costumes, traditional food, music, dance and plenty of photo opportunities. This is a cultural festival open to students, staff and even people from surrounding campuses are free to pop by, making it a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. This event promotes cross-cultural understanding, mandarin language exchange and promoting the university’s international image and global ranking.



Go Abroad China cooperates with BLCU in its summer Chinese language program, it is one of Beijing’s best universities for languages and highly recommended for foreigners coming to study Chinese in Beijing. Join us too and have your intensive Chinese lessons combined with exciting, educational activities and workshops. 


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