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As a large, populous, increasingly cosmopolitan city, some important details about Shanghai are as follows: 


The city of Shanghai originally hasn’t got its own specific cuisine but rather modifies food originating from the surrounding provinces to suit the taste buds of the Shanghainese people. With fresh and carefully selected materials, Shanghai food mostly incorporates soy sauce and/or rock sugar as the ‘secret’ ingredient to a lot of dishes. Some famous dishes to eat in Shanghai include sweet & sour spare pork ribs, drunken chicken, some popular snacks include Shanghai Soup dumplings, pan-fried pork stuffed bun, and many more delights. As a large city with a significant foreign population, western restaurants and fast food joints can be found easily. 

Nightlife and Entertainment

On a number on occasions, Shanghai has been called the New York of China; it is fitting as Shanghai city has something for everyone. Whether you like the club and bar scene, live music, acrobatic shows, a night cruise along the Huangpu River that offers spectacular night views of modern architecture in the financial area, the waterfront area and classic European style buildings. All in all, Shanghai presents itself as a platform for both locals and foreign friends.  


Shanghai has an impressive public transport system linking the urban and suburban districts. There is the metro, whose fare depends on the distance traveled but the starting price is 3 RMB; there are bus routes and taxis that run all throughout the city. This is particularly usefuls for those who will be enrolled at a Shanghai Mandarin School. Furthermore, Shanghai operates two commercial airports; Pudong airport serves as the main international airport. Railway links also transport people from Shanghai to other provinces in China. 


Shanghai has four different seasons: Winters tend to be chilly and damp with little to no snowfall, Summers are hot and humid. Once every year, there is always a period of several days where temperatures may exceed 35°C. Sporadic downpours or storms are not too foreign. Spring and Autumn remain the two best seasons. 

Places to visit

One of the first places go see is The Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront area along the Huangpu River. From there, you can spot the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. For a bit of culture and tranquil, there is the Yuyuan Garden with its winding paths, ponds, shrubs etc and the Jade Buddha Temple. Go to Nanjing Road for a retail experience, goods from both China and abroad can be purchased. For those in the study abroad China or Mandarin School Shanghai programs, take advantage and learn about some of the cultural parts of the city. 

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