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Upcoming activity in SH

By 2015-08-14

This weekend GAC will introduce our current participants in Shanghai a public welfare organization, named “Juzishu”. Which is founded in 2010, and focuses on life exploring and inner power. Chinese Zen Culture is the main resource of guidance. It helps people to revalue the life and relax yourself by different activities like meditation, writing Chinese calligraphy, tasting Chinese tea or read into textbook. 


Activities: "beginner's mind"

Long as you think "I am doing this", or "I have to do this", or "I must attain something special", you are actually not doing anything.


What is beginner's mind?

is fresh, leaving everything behind, and listening to your heart peacefully, so that you can keep learning, chasing every chances in your life. During this course you can meet new friends while reading books, and listen to your own mind while tasting tea.


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