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New Program Participants

By 2013-02-14

On February 14th, the western Valentine’s Day, Go Abroad China gave a warm welcome to students Marc and Denis from Holland to join our internship in China program. It was a brilliant day with big sunshine and blue sky as we set out in the early morning to the Beijing International Airport and pick them up. On the following day, all members from Go Abroad China prepared a welcome dinner for them to cerebrate the beginning of their journey to China.


Our internship program combines Chinese studies and practical work experience gained in a domestic or international company. This program is an exciting opportunity for you to gain work experience in China whilst developing your Chinese language skills. Based on the prior work experience, professional background, student preference and availability, Go Abroad China offers a variety of work placements to suit your needs. We sincerely welcome you to join our internship program and our other language learning and volunteer program.


Meanwhile, there will be another group of young people from Australia and Canada coming to China for our Chinese language learning and cultural immersion programs at the beginning of April. It was a great honor to introduce our New Language programs to you.


Go Abroad China new language programs


“Go Abroad China” is proud to present you the new 2014 language programs. Before that, we would like to present you a different view on few points – why learning foreign and Chinese language, in particular.


The most obvious reason to study a language abroad is the same reason your parents, your guidance counselor, and as we already knew: it’s a small world, and it’s getting smaller. With the onset of the internet, new trade laws, and multinational corporations, the world is an increasingly interconnected place. With China estimated to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy within twenty years, and successful corporations like Volkswagen Auto Group operating plants and headquarters in far-flung countries from Germany to Brazil to China to New Zealand, upward mobility in the professional arena now means a heightened importance language proficiency and polylingualism.


Cultural Awareness and personal growth 


More important, however, is the effect learning a language has on you as a person. After all, you weren’t always someone’s employee, and you’re going to retire one day, but you never stop being a person. You have a lifetime of opportunities to grow and to learn and to become a better citizen of the world.


China is poised to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2030. Add that to the fact that Mandarin Chinese is the most-spoken language in the world with nearly a billion native speakers, and the reasons to study Chinese become obvious. With this economic boom comes the influx of good banking jobs in China and Hong Kong. Many American finance and economics students are not only now being encouraged to learn Chinese; it’s being made mandatory. Government and International Relations majors are taking notice, too. As China’s global importance grows, so do the number of embassies in Beijing, and many new diplomatic jobs are opening up to those qualified students who can also speak Chinese.


With our New discount price language programs, you can enjoy high quality service, individual approach and already tested and experienced teachers. For more information, please visit our website.




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