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Myths about China

By 2012-02-20 GAC

Fact or fiction? China is a modern country with an ancient culture. This is a fact. But there still a lot of myths that must be busted.


Myth 1: It’s too expensive


If you are looking for an affordable study abroad option, congrats, you have just found it. It’s not only relatively low tuition fees, but also other finances such as the cost of living in Beijing. For instance, let’s see what you can get for US$10-20 in the capital of China:


  • A basic Chinese enough for 2 people
  • A taxi ride from the outer city area to the inner one
  • A pair of jeans
  • Haircut or manicure
  • 5 litres coca cola
  • 6kg apples


Myth 2: I should speak Chinese to study in China


One of the most fashionable trends in China is learning English. Chinese people will try to talk to you in English every now and then. In today’s China even 4-year-old children can have a conversation with you. Instead of feeling lonely, you are much more likely to get tired of the amount of people trying to make friends with you. And if you ever get lost, as all the signs and directions are both in Chinese and English wherever you go. And even if you may encounter some ‘Chinglish’, you will still be able to grasp the general meaning.


Myth 3: I will be the only foreigner


In recent years China has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world. And not only for travelers, but also for people looking for internships and study opportunities in China. The number of foreign residents living in China is growing day by day. Rough estimation for Beijing is 40 000 people. Do you still think you are going to be alone? To make sure that our participants have opportunities to make new friends, Go Abroad China holds cultural activities and networking events several times per month – fun guaranteed.


Myth 4: It’s dangerous

If you are walking empty streets alone at night and feel absolutely safe, you are in China. Chinese people are naturally very calm and gentle, and in addition to this go to bed at ten or eleven pm, even the criminals. Jokes apart, China, and especially Beijing has surprisingly low crime rates. And the biggest precaution you should take is watching your wallet in crowded places and on public transportation.


Myth 5: It’s too different


Oh, yes. It really is very different. It is amazingly, thrillingly, unimaginably and unforgettably different. It will turn your world upside down and will leave you there changed forever. I have no other way to bust this myth. China will become a life changing adventure, but if in the middle of your way you will be hit by homesickness, here is what China can offer to make you feel home:


International supermarkets with all kinds of things you might be missing, Western restaurants offering all sorts of food from across the world, International entertaining centers and Sohos where you will feel at home.



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