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Learn Chinese in China

By 2016-05-18 GAC

For many foreigners who learn Chinese in China there is a certain charm about coming here; the combination of language and culture provides an exciting, new way of learning Chinese abroad.


For college and university students, going to China to take a Mandarin language course is part of the original course requirements; and with a company like Go Abroad China offering summer and winter language programs at famous universities, you could learn Chinese in Beijing for example or any other city; you will be able to transfer your credits, of which you will discover that you have actually learnt more than you had expected. Learning Mandarin Chinese at a location like Shanghai will benefit both your formal learning and cultural side. 



Pronunciation of Chinese words has caused an endless headache with many international Mandarin language learners; they believe that the best way to learn Chinese obviously includes a trip to China to perfect their Mandarin speaking skills. I write this as a foreigner who did exactly that! Chinese syntax and grammar are tricky; sometimes it is a good idea to get the foundation from a native speaker, in the long term this will prove to be very useful as one advances further with the language study, this is why it's important that if you can, travel here to take your Chinese course in China. 


A semester in China will allow you to study formally via a university Mandarin program, now to make sure you get your time (and money) ‘s worth, take part in cultural activities, be it learning to cook Chinese cuisine, Chinese games, music/film etc such elements when planned properly really do help you not just understand the language but to have a well-rounded experience of China too. Then again, sitting in a classroom day in and day out can get very monotonous; more reason to get out more and be active! Learn Chinese in Shanghai or any other city to experience what we are writing about in this piece. 



The best part about choosing to take a language course in China is actually the Chinese environment, I cannot argue enough how conducive it is learning Chinese in a place where you are forced to speak it everyday. Doing this repeatedly leads to faster improvement; you will notice that you speak more fluently and with greater confidence. You get to understand China in a way that people who haven’t set foot in China can only imagine and this is really priceless. You will find more opportunities opening up for you just by merely being able to speak Chinese or relate to similar people, your social life will also see a different turn, connections will stretch farther.


Come on over to China and do a semester study abroad program,  join Chinese Mandarin efforts and get an experience of what I am talking about in this article. Today I sign off leaving a platform for you to share why you think it’s a good idea to go learn Chinese in China. If you want to join me in China, go to inquiry@goabroadchina.com

Join a learn Chinese Shanghai program, or those conducted in various other Chinese cities; you won't regret it. Zhongguo - China in Mandarin - is awaiting! 

When you really learn China, its about the language, general life, culture, food etc


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